World’s Greatest Father

“Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him.”

Psalm 103:13

My kids are spending the summer working at a Christian camp, and for that I am grateful. I would like to say that I influenced them in that way, but that simply would not be the truth. My son has had a desire to work at the camp since he was told about the opportunity and someone else created the vision for him. My daughter joined him this summer to work doing various staff duties, and my son is serving as a counselor. I don’t get to see my son much since he is away at college, so it is hard to be away from him in the summers as well, but I know God is using him right where he is at. My wife thought it would be neat to spend a couple of weeks near them where we could be a couple of minutes away, so we decided to get out of the heat and come up where they are in the White Mountains of Arizona.

My son’s birthday falls near Father’s Day, so we planned our trip near Father’s Day and his birthday. Our older daughter, Lanie, was missing from this year’s Father’s Day, but she is married and lives in another state so I give her a pass on not being here in person. I am grateful that I was able to spend Father’s Day with the other two, and I am also grateful that I was able to spend it with my dad as well. Life is never promised to you, so I am grateful for the times I get to spend with my dad. I remember the times of my youth, and my mom used to cut out a watermelon to look like a crown to honor my dad on Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a day to recognize our earthly fathers and also our Heavenly Father to whom all we owe. I remember a particular story about my dad that makes me think of my Heavenly Father.

I played soccer in high school, and it seemed that no matter how much water I drank or bananas I ate, I struggled with getting cramps in my calf muscles. I would be fine throughout most of the game, but would then be hampered with severe cramps where my toes would curl up and I could not straighten them out no matter how hard I tried. My dad had some medicated cream he was prescribed for his muscle aches and pains, and he would bring it to my games. When I would go down with severe cramps, he would come out on the field and administer the magic cream that made BenGay look like child’s play. My cramps would subside, and I would be able to finish the game To me, this was an act of compassion and a service of love he showed me. He had pity on me, and I was grateful that he came to my aid in my time of need.

I am also grateful for the compassion and love my heavenly Father has for me. I think of the times when I was down and out, and He showed compassion on me. I think of the times He delighted in me, and how He would not let me go too far in my sin before He brought me back. I think of the preaching messages He sent my way, and when He pulled at my heart so strongly that I physically could not resist His conviction. I think of my sin that He bore in His body on the cross, so that I would not have to suffer in hell, and I think of His amazing love as He outstretched His arms and gave up His life for me. I think of how He knew my sinful ways and everything about me, but He choose to have pity on me and love and die for me anyway. As I reflect on the day, I say Happy Father’s Day to the One who sustains, loves, and is worthy of all praise and adoration I could ever give. My heart is full because of the activities of the day, but my life for all eternity is full because I have a Father who loves me perfectly.

Do you honor your Heavenly Father, or do you live your life anyway you please? Are you grateful for all that He has done in your life or have you forgotten all that He has done for you? Do you realize the compassion and love He has for you? May we have a reverent fear of our Father, and may we never let a day go by when we don’t thank Him for the amazing love He has for us. Happy Father’s Day to the world’s perfect Father! Amen!

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