Wish List

“Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

Colossians 3:2

I‘ve had a wish list since as far back as I can remember. Over the years, I’ve perfected the art of marketing it in my role of Chief Marketing Officer for the Saso Mendez Wish List Corporation. Many things have made an appearance on my wish list, from an official NBA basketball to a Rolex watch. I still have a wish list to this day, although I do not update it as much as I used to.

When I was an kid, I went to my aunt’s house and saw that they had rented ATVs for the day. There were no quads back then, and these were of the three-wheel variety. I had the time of my life on these vehicles and I quickly decided I wanted one for myself. We had a decent sized back yard, and I imagined myself doing wheelies and flying over self-made ramps. I had asked for many things before then, but this was a big request even for me.

I scoured the newspaper looking for any ads or specials on these ATVs, and I soon found one. I was not a big kid, so I figured I would ask for a junior sized vehicle that would fit me perfectly and was a little bit cheaper than the bigger ones. I cut out the ad like a surgeon and was careful to include the pertinent details of my dream ATV. I took this ad and placed on my parents’ dresser mirror where I knew it would be front and center and impossible to miss. I kept my ear to my parents door, and heard them discussing what I had placed on their mirror. My plan had worked to perfection, but it did not end like I had anticipated.

I heard my dad speaking in favor of purchasing the ATV, but I heard my mom giving my dad the worst case scenarios of accidents that could happen on this vehicle. She knew me well, and she knew I would have doing something crazy while riding on one of those things. There was also the issue of money as this ATV was not cheap and was an outlandish request, even for me. I did not get the ATV as I wanted, but I am still alive and devoid of any serious injuries.

I have come to learn that the things of this world bring no true satisfaction. I have been disappointed by gifts, accomplishments, and my sports teams. It seems that every time I have placed my affection on the things of this world, the things always seem to disappoint me. In truth, I have never been disappointed when I have set my affection on things of God. I have experienced joy unspeakable and peace beyond explanation. There is nothing like the joy of seeing someone come to Christ and the joy of seeing someone find freedom through Jesus Christ. I never regretted the time I have spent pursuing God, and only He offers true satisfaction, unlike the empty pursuits of this world.

Where are you today friend? What or who are you pursuing? Is your affection set on a wish list or is it set on a close walk with the Savior? Do you care more about your wish list than your prayer list? Where do spend your time? What occupies your thoughts? May we seek things above that will not pass away, and may we hold lightly to things here on earth.

Stay in the Fight!

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