What Is A Gideon?

“If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection (mind) on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

Colossians 3:1-3

I have seen many hotel room Bibles and every one of them was embossed with a logo that includes a dual-handled lighted pitcher. I never knew how the Bibles got into the night stand, but I envisioned a group of men in black entering the room while I slept and placing them in there. I saw this symbol on the suit lapel of a man in our church, but he did not seem stealthy enough to be one who worked throughout the night at hotels. I sat next to him at one of our Sunday School dinners so I asked him what it all meant and how someone could become a Gideon.

He laughed at my question because I thought it was a secret society of some kind. I knew it was a Christian ministry, but I knew little more than that. He invited me to a monthly Gideon dinner meeting which I did not attend right away, but I eventually decided to go months later. A friend of mine in the church was invited as well, and we soon found ourselves at a Gideon membership dinner. A guest speaker spoke about the Gideons and encouraged us to join the ministry, and I was all in. I loved the fact that they placed Bibles in hotels and participated in school Bible distributions, and there was so much more that they did that I wanted to be part of.

Rebekah and I joined the Gideons in the late fall and they talked about their recent Bible distribution at the State Fair. I was excited to learn they passed out Bibles at the fair and I could not wait to be part of it the following year. The next fall came and, sure enough, I took part in passing out Bibles there. Many fairgoers said no, but there was still some who were open to receiving the good news. I prayed that God would work in the lives of those who chose to take a copy of His Word, and that heaven would tell the story of those who received Him as their Lord and Savior due to the Word that was passed out.

I know now the Bibles are placed in the nightstand while the room is unoccupied, and there are “blitzes” arranged to stock the rooms when a hotel first opens. I have had the privilege of hearing about people who came to know the Lord through a Bible that was placed in a hotel room or given to them personally by a Gideon or Auxiliary member. There are some who do not think much of the book in the drawer or the one handed to them at the fair, but I praise God for the power of His Word and the life-changing effect it can have.

While I have missed some Sunday naps, my Dallas Cowboys’ football games, and many other things while participating in various Gideon functions, I am grateful to be part of this ministry. This ministry strongly believes in winning others to Jesus Christ by the distribution and sharing of God’s Word. I would hardly saying I am “missing” anything as I know that time on this earth is short, and my affection and thoughts need to be set on eternal things.

What are your affections or thoughts set on? Is your life built on being successful in the business world or building up your 401k? Are you focused on winning others to Jesus Christ or are you more concerned on getting the newest car or building a bigger house? Are you actively serving and working for God or are you living this life for yourself? I encourage you to get busy doing the Lord’s work and allowing Him to use you to build up treasures where moth and rust do not corrupt. What is God calling you to do today? May we seek the things that are above, and may our mind be set on doing His work.

Stay in the Fight!

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