Washed Clean

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

Isaiah 1:18

As a little boy, I was odd in a lot of ways and one of those ways is that I did not like the feeling of dirt on my feet and hands. I did not mind playing in the dirt, but I wanted to wash my hands as soon as I was done. I know this did not bother the other kids as they were content to wipe their hands on their clothes and move on, but I could not wait to get to a sink to clean my hands or feet with soapy water. I guess I am still not fond of the feeling of dirt on my hands and feet, and I am glad I did not choose a career that would require me to do so.

There is a picture of me at a campsite when I was little, and it apparently it was before I had these negative feelings about dirt on my hands and feet. The picture shows me on the ground with the biggest smile on my face and without a care in the world. My mom tells me I was in the middle of the charcoal pit having the time of my life. I was not worried about the filth of the charcoal, and I seemed to like the dirt just fine. I loved to go camping as a little boy, and I was not bothered by the smells of the campfire or the absence of a hot shower.

As I got older, I still loved to go camping but I missed the comforts of home. I missed a hot shower, and I longed to feel squeaky clean again. I remember getting in the shower after a week of camping and the bottom of the shower being filled with the dirt I accumulated over the week. I remember putting on fresh clean clothes after our camping trip, and how much I appreciated running water and soap. I missed the feeling of being clean, and I vowed not to let myself get that dirty again, at least, not until the next camping trip.

I have not always felt this way about sin in my life as I have gotten dirty with plenty of it. I allowed it to linger longer than I should have, and I was not always prompt in keeping my account current with God. I used to hate the dirty feeling of sin until I simply became accustomed to it and did not even notice yesterday’s “dirt” as I piled on today’s “dirt.” I am sure some people saw me as Pigpen from the Peanut’s comic strip, but I hardly noticed at all. I forgot what it was like to get a spiritual bath, and I became comfortable with my “camping” smell. My filthiness would be revealed to me after a hot sermon on sin, and I felt such peace and relief when I confessed my sin to God. I felt the burden of my sin and guilt lifted off of me, and it even felt better than a hot shower after a weeklong camping trip.

Where are you today friend? Have you been washed of your scarlet-stained sin condition, or are you still carrying the burden of not being washed clean by the precious blood of Jesus? How about you, Christian? Have you taken a spiritual bath lately or are you choosing to live in sin? Have you placed blame for your sin on others? May we not delay in asking for forgiveness for the sins that we have committed, and may we desire to be cleaned in the spiritual shower as often as it takes to make things right with God and others. Will you be ashamed to meet God or will you be able to sing, “Nothing Between My Soul And The Savior?” May God help us!

Stay in the Fight!

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