Wanting The Smoke

“Be careful (anxious) for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

Philippians 4:6

I recently ended a week at work that had to rank up there as one of the most stressful I have had in the seven years I have been with the company. There were many things that came to a head to create the perfect storm. There have been some changes in the works for quite some time that just became final this week. I had a team composed of people in different states, and we mostly met through Zoom. We have been together for almost a year, but I knew they were working on aligning us with people who are located in the same office. I knew this day was coming, but I was ill-prepared for how it would all come down. We were wrapping up performance evaluations, taking on and sending out employees, completing call qualities, performing monthly file reviews, and transitioning into new roles within our leadership team. I got several emails on Wednesday informing me of tasks that needed to be done by end of business on Friday that same week.

I started work on Friday with the pressure of getting all these things done when I received several messages from our boss asking to hold a meeting. She went back and forth on the time, then sent out a calendar invite for the meeting to start at 8:30am and sent it out at 8:32am. I was thoroughly annoyed at this as we had so much to do, but I had no choice but to attend. The meeting was to go over information that I thought could wait and some of it was even incorrect. There was a mention of a stricter vacation time policy and she told us she would be checking to make sure we were working at least 40 hours per week, which made me angry as we were all working well over our 40 hours. I got out of this meeting at 9:00am knowing I had my own team meeting in a hour and my mind was not in a good place. I was not happy with what we were told on top of all that needed to get done that day. I went over to the room where Rebekah was working and I began to let out my frustrations.

I told her that I needed to get my mind right as I was having my last team meeting with my team before they transitioned over to another manager, and I did not want it to be a bad meeting. I began to tell her all that went on and the expectations that were put on us, and she patiently listened to me. I was feeling emotional as well as I was losing people I had invested in for almost a year and I was sad to see them go. Well, I was sad to see most of them go. I was dealing with a lot of frustrations, emotions, and stresses and I expected Rebekah to join me on my pity parade. I ended venting and she looked at me and said, “Did you pray about it?” She reminded me that I had just published a devotional about the need to pray during hard times, entitled “Thoughts Matter.” I was not happy with her answer but I knew it was what I needed to hear. My thoughts were in a lot of places but they were not godly thoughts.

I slumped my shoulders and carried my carcass back my room where I work, where I got on one knee and cried out to God. I asked for forgiveness, and I asked for help with my thoughts, my attitude and my work. I was overwhelmed with work, overcome with emotions, and flat out angry with my boss. I could not understand how she did not understand where I was coming from, and I knew she did not understand the burden the team was feeling. In my prayer, I recognized God’s sovereignty, and I acknowledged that He allowed this into my life and I had not done a good job of dealing with what He allowed. I finished praying, and even though my work load did not change, my attitude and perspective sure did. I felt better about it all and even had a good last meeting with my team. I was able to get everything completed and even went on outreach for Freedom That Lasts. Just one year prior, I was asking for the smoke as I knew this job would be tough, but now I was complaining about what God had allowed in my life.

You often hear that prayer changes things, but I am not sure we fully believe it. Does God care about my job and the stresses of it? Well, this verse does tell us to be anxious for nothing, and instead, cry out to God. What are you needing to pray about? What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about all that you have to do and not praying about it? Is God your first thought when it comes to the stresses of the day or do you seek to try and resolve them on your own? Do you take everything to Him or do you only go to Him in an “emergency” situation? God is concerned about all that goes in our life, and He wants us to take everything to Him in prayer. May we seek Him first, and may we seek Him often. Never wait to get on bended knee and never hesitate to tell your Father the requests on your heart.

Stay in the Fight!

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  1. Marta Moreno on 03/08/2023 at 8:11 am

    O ye of little faith and all it takes is the seed of a mustard seed. To God be the glory.

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