Uno and Mole Hair

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

John 8:32

If you ever grew up with an older sibling, you may have experienced a little bit of what I did. My sister is a little less than six years older than me, and I ruined her only-child-party when I came on the scene. She was the baby of young parents, and the second born grandchild on my mom’s side. My parents delighted in their little girl, and she was the star of the home. I am not sure she was fed grapes and fanned in bed, but I imagine she had some advantages as the only child. I came along and took the place of the baby in the family, and she knew things would change. I am not sure she knew the full magnitude of what would take place, but she knew the limelight would have to be shared. She was older than me and smarter than I was, and she took advantage of these facts when it came to playing games or telling me stories.

My mom had a nice sweater that I liked to touch, and I used to wonder what type of material it was made out of. I asked my sister if she knew, and she told me it was made out of mole hair. She asked me if I had ever touched a mole, and I responded that I had not. She then told me that they felt just like my mom’s sweater, and I was impressed that she had familiarity with moles. She told me they gathered all the mole hairs and created these sweaters and sold them. I was not familiar with this process, but I was proud that she knew so much about it. I thought my sister was the smartest person in the world, and this would not be the first or the last time I was fooled.

Another time we were on our way back from Hermosillo, Mexico in a Greyhound bus, and we were hours away from home. My sister had a friend who was a little older than she, and they invited me to play a friendly game of Uno with them. I knew the basic rules of how to play, but I did not know how to shuffle so I played the cards I was dealt. I seemed to get basic cards while they got all the good cards. They had the Draw 4s, the Reverses, and all of the Skip cards. When they would get to UNO, I would have about 20 cards in my possession with no chance or hope of winning. This happened to me for several games until I got wise to their ploy against me. I got really mad about being fooled by them and they thought it was the funniest thing. I did not find it funny, and I vowed to never be tricked or fooled again. But like Charlie Brown, I continued to attempt to kick that football several times throughout the years to come.

It is one thing to be fooled by an older sibling and it quite another to be fooled by the enemy you have been battling your whole life. Satan has fooled me time and time again as he is the father of all lies. He has tricked and duped me, but yet I always seem to be allured to the “Uno card table” he has called me to. He has told me “mole hair stories” and I have been guilty of believing these lies. I have chosen to exchange God’s truth for a lie, but I have started to come to the realization that the more I know the truth, the easier it is to spot a lie. Satan likes to draw us with something that is alluring and shiny, and he tells us how good and how fun it will be. He speaks partial truth to disguise a lie, but a partial lie is still a lie. He pulls the rug out from under us every time, and listening and falling for his tricks only leaves us empty with feelings of guilty and shame.

In order to resist the devil, we must recognize and know the truth of God’s word. We must not fall for his tactics and ploys, and we must not exchange God’s truth for his lies. How are you doing in resisting the lies of Satan? Are you playing a losing game of “Uno” with him? Are you believing his “mole hair” stories? Are you drawn by the silver hook that is dropped in the water? Are you familiar with the truth of God’s Word? May we be careful to know God’s truth as it will give us freedom, and may we use the truth to dispel Satan’s lie. God’s word will always show us the lie if we will be faithful to read and memorize it. Be careful when playing a game of Uno with an older sibling, but be on full guard when dealing with the father of all lies.

Stay in the Fight!

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