True Importance

“Dearly beloved, I [beg] you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul;”

I Peter 2:11

We experienced something worldwide that I have never seen before in my lifetime in 2020. Ever since I was a little kid, I followed sports in the newspapers and magazines. If it wasn’t football season, it was basketball season, which then led into baseball season. If I was not playing a sport, I was intently listening on the radio. The world had come to a stop and everyone is taking caution – even those in the sports world.

We were on vacation when all the news came down of sporting events being cancelled. I honestly did not see this coming as my son, and I had just attended some sporting events prior to our vacation. Sports talk radio did not have much to talk about it, and it seemed sports was not that important anymore. People started to realize it was just a game and that there were more pressing things to be concerned about.

Sports at times has taken my focus off of what is really important spiritually and I have lusted after it. I did not improve spiritually from knowing all the stats and from knowing which teams were playing next. I could not recall a Bible verse I had just memorized, but I could tell you that Charles Barkley scored 28 points and had 16 rebounds. Sports can be something we enjoy, but it can also turn into something we began to lust over as it becomes the most important thing in our life.

We at times get our focus on fleshly lusts – whatever that might be for each one of us. We seek after things of the flesh, and we fail to realize that it wars against our soul. We fail to see the hurt and pain it does to those around us, and we fail to see how it displeases our God. Our flesh desires things that are not godly and things that will detract us from our relationship with God. We are instructed in this verse to abstain from that which is fleshly and ungodly. We are not told to “Just Do It!”, but we are commanded to get away from it and say no to our fleshly desires.

What is it that your flesh desires that you know is wrong? What are you not abstaining from that you know you should? Is God pleased by your pursuits and desires – even if they aren’t inherently sinful? The flesh is temporal and those things will soon pass away, but the pursuit of God is eternal and pleasing to Him. Will you heed the command of abstaining from sin or will you continue on pursuing that which is not of God? May we heed the warning of abstaining from fleshly lusts, and may we take this time to value what is truly important.

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