To Know Me

“He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.”

1 John 2:4

I was in an Awana’s program when the leaders of my group decided to host a mother/son Valentine’s banquet. We were too young to have a “girlfriend” or real love interest, so they had us bring our moms – or rather had our moms bring us. I initially thought it was kind of strange as they usually had an adult Valentine’s banquet which allowed the adults to have a night out with the church and celebrate a special day. Needless to say, I thought I better have a good attitude about it and my mom and I were all squared away to go.

We arrived at the church and the festivities got underway as they had many things scheduled for the night. One of the activities was prepared beforehand with the moms writing out a description of their sons, and at the banquet, the sons had to pick out who wrote it. The note would mention some things the son did which were not too obvious. The activity started and this game proved to be harder than initially thought. The teens were having trouble picking who said what, so they continued reading through the notes. There was a note being read that sounded quite familiar, so I listened intently as I was sure this was one my mom had written.

My mom loved hot tea, cheese popcorn and did not like people to touch her feet. She loved a beautiful sunset, and I would always tell her that I thought Jesus would come when I saw the sun break through the clouds. Some of these things were stated in the note she wrote about me, and I raised my hand as I recognized some of the things she said. I was right as I had correctly picked my mom. My sister was away at college and my dad travelled a lot, so we spent a lot of time together. I got to know my mom quite well, and I got to know the things she liked and didn’t like. I tried to stay away from the things she did not like, and I tried to do the things she did like. I did not always succeed in doing the things I should have done, but I always felt good when my mom was pleased with me. I will never forget what she said at the end of the letter as she closed with these words, “I know my son loves me, as he has taken the time to get to know me.”

I will say it was hard to hold back the tears after that note was read, and I never wanted to forget that moment or that night. Although that night was special, the years would go by in which I would disappoint my mom even though I knew her and knew what she liked and did not like. The same is true of this verse listed above as many say they love the Lord but yet act like there is no relationship at all. If we do not obey His commandments, then we truly do not know Him. To know Him is to be aware of what pleases Him and what offends Him. I do not want to do anything that offends my mom, but even more so, I should not want to do anything that offends my God. If I love Him, then I will keep His commandments as knowledge of Him will keep me on the right path as I aim to please Him.

Do you say you know God but yet do not keep His commandments? If so, God calls you a liar. To know Him is to have a desire to obey and please Him. Maybe we have knowledge of Him but do not truly know Him. Are you truly one of His or are you only fooling yourself? May others say of us that we know Him by the way we live our life, and may we pursue knowing Him more and more until we see Him face to face.

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