The Taste of a Size 10 Foot

“Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings,”

I Peter 2:1

My daughter, Kate, recently asked me why people talk behind your back, and I simply replied, “It’s easier that way.” I have been guilty of speaking behind other people’s backs, and I can honestly say that has not always turned out well.
I took a job in retail and my job was to lead those in the logistics process. I was green and had no experience in logistics per se, and I was quite nervous about the job. I trained at a different store for two weeks, in preparation for my role at the store where I would be working. My trainer was bossy but knew what he was doing. He was straightforward in giving me instruction, and he did not hold back in any way. I respected him for that, but I did not always appreciate the things he said. He got me ready as much as one can in two weeks, and he sent me off to my new store.

I arrived at 3:45am at my new store, ready to start my day and excited to start my job. My new boss met me at the door as well as another lady whom I didn’t know. The lady spoke to my new boss and asked who was coming in to replace the old logistics guy. She did not stop there and made other colorful comments and questions about the new guy coming in (which just happened to be me). My boss gave a playful smirk and simply said, “Why don’t you just turn around and ask him yourself?” Her face turned bright red and she slowly turned around and nervously introduced herself. I stuck out my hand and told her I was the new logistics guy and she seemed to melt into the ground.

It is safe to say we did not get off to the greatest of starts, but we later became and still remain friends to this day. I endured much of the same disdain from others my first six months and caught several people making side comments about me. The comments ranged from, “He doesn’t know what he’s doing” to “How long do you think he will last?” I did not disagree with what they were saying, but it certainly made for awkward and uncomfortable moments.

I am guilty of speaking evil of others and have inserted my size 10 directly into my mouth many times. I have said things I should not have said about others, and I have hurt people by what I have said. How about you friend? What do you say about others? Do you put away evil speakings or are you an active participant? Do you encourage others or are you quick to tear someone down? Is what comes out of your mouth pleasing to God? May we abstain from any and all evil speaking, and may what we say be pleasing to God who hears all. May we learn from the times of putting our foot into our mouth, and may we keep it there until we have learned our lesson.

Stay in the Fight!

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