The Plans of Man

A man’s heart deviseth (plans) his way: But the LORD directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

I recently took a trip to see my newborn grandson that I originally did not think would work out. I had a lot going on in the month, work was quite busy, and there was a lot of things due, so I was not sure I could swing it. The baby was due during a hot week when a lot of people are out due to the Fourth of July holiday. I was not able to go the week he was born, but I was able to leave the following week to go out and see him, my older daughter and her husband. My wife made my flight arrangements, and I adjusted plans at home to prepare for the trip. We made tentative plans for the week, starting with going out to dinner right after I landed. I was picked up by my wife and Kate at the airport, and we headed out to meet Lanie, her husband and the new baby. Everything went smoothly as we ate dinner and went back to her place to take in the joys a new life brings. We talked about what we would do the next day and the rest of the week, and all things seemed to be going as planned.

We went over to her house the following day to hang out and to have dinner at her place and enjoy the day and night with the new baby. We were hanging out when my youngest and I decided to go out and grab a tea from a restaurant that was within walking distance. We took our time as we walked around exploring the neighborhood and trying to get our allotment of Vitamin D. We came back to the apartment just in time to find that my daughter and her husband had the baby in the car seat and were about to walk out the door. They said they were taking the baby to the hospital to address some sores he had on his body. The sores had gotten worse from the previous day, and they just wanted to make sure he was okay. I figured they would be back shortly and we would be able to have dinner together, but this was not to be. The baby was admitted to the hospital, so Rebekah, Kate and I went to the beach to take in the sunset as we awaited word on the status of the baby.

We originally had plans to go to the zoo and check out an aircraft carrier that week, but this was not to be. We learned he was not getting out anytime soon, so we changed our plans to instead visit him the following day and bring breakfast to the hospital. I am not really a “schedule person”, so this was not too much of a big deal to me, although no one would want their plans to include a hospital. We hung out in the hospital room, ate, and played a game that took hours, and we enjoyed each other’s company. The baby was doing better, and the doctor believed he would be getting out of the hospital on Saturday, which was wonderful news. We left the hospital to pack for our trip home the next afternoon, and we vowed to stop in the morning. We showed up the following day and spent some more time together before making our way to the airport. It was hard to leave, but it was good to spend time with the family and take in the sweet noises and smells from the baby.

We got to the airport and due to my last-minute travel plans, we were set to depart on two separate airlines. We said our goodbyes with hopes to meet up in our hometown, Phoenix. My phone received some alerts advising me our plane would be leaving later than scheduled, but nothing that would cause me to miss my connecting flight. I arrived in Charlotte with 25 minutes to get to my next destination, which was plenty of time. I have missed several flights before, so 25 minutes seemed like an eternity for me to catch my flight. I got to the gate and got comfortable when the crew started to board the first few groups. I awaited my turn when the crew came on the line and advised there was a problem with our plane and the people who had boarded would have to come off as they tried to get us a new plane. Our gate was changed and our flight was pushed two hours from its original departure time. Not too many people were upset as most would rather wait as long as possible to board a plane that is safe to fly, rather than being on one that’s questionable. God’s safety comes in many ways, and sometimes it comes in having to wait and catch another flight.

I had devised several plans that week, but God certainly has other ideas for me. I am sure a mother has different plans that seeing her newborn admitted to the hospital, but the Lord is ultimately in control of all things. His way is never thwarted and His plan is always on time. He is never surprised by sickness or a missed flight. It is always best to be aligned with His way, and to be in step on the path He lead us. There is nothing wrong with making plans, but we should lean and trust in Him when He chooses to direct us in a different way, and when He changes our plan.

What path are you on? Have you gone off track? Are you asking Him to guide your path or have you gone your own way? He will always do what is right, and He will always lead you on a path that is best for you. Will you walk with Him on the journey He has you on? Will you trust Him? Will you be upset when your plans change or will you lean on Him? We may never know why our plans change, but we should always know that our God is always good, and He can be trusted.

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