The Minors to The Majors

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?”

Matthew 6:25

I started at the current company I work for in February 2016. When I met with my new boss for the first time, she told me to write down three things I wanted to accomplish in the next several years. I did not take long as I had these goals when I started, and I quickly jotted down the things I wanted to do. I did not write down that I wanted to be CEO, but I thought they were realistic for the next several years. We went over them one by one, and my boss agreed that these were attainable goals. I thought these goals would mature in the next couple of years, and I did not realize the wait that was in front of me.

My first goal was to get promoted to the injury department, which took a long three years. I did not take into account that others waited much longer, but I expected things to happen overnight, much like a kid does when they plant seeds and expect a full-grown watermelon overnight. My second goal was to selected for manager candidate school, which some claimed it was easier to get into Harvard than be selected for this school. I ignored these remarks and applied anyway, and I got selected shortly after I got promoted to injury. I was excited that things were lining up, and I thought my third goal would be realized in no time.

My final goal I had was to be promoted to a manager position, which is the logical step after manager candidate school. I graduated manager candidate school, and I was granted my first interview right after completion. I was just happy to be in the room, and the competition was stiff. I did not get that job and soon we were all sent home due to COVID. I came to realize that it would have been difficult to be a new leader in a new work-from-home environment, but I felt there would be other manager jobs lined up for me. I went to work at home, and I did not see any manager postings at all as I scoured the job postings. I was told the job openings would be coming, but our worked slowed down and I started to worry that there would be no more postings for the position I desired.

Every month that passed, I began to doubt that I would ever become a manager. I thought about applying at other companies as I saw some leave my company and find greener pastures. I began to look at others, and I started to give up hope. I had leaders tell me to hang in there, but that message got old after a year of hearing it. I began to worry that I would not make it to my final goal as I was not even being selected for an interview anymore. I grew anxious about it until I was finally selected for an interview. It had been three long years since I graduated manager candidate school, and here was my first opportunity. God opened the door for me, and I achieved my final goal. I felt foolish for worrying, and I knew I was wrong for being anxious about it. I should have trusted His plan all along, and I should have left the outcome to Him. We may have our dream and goals, but our expectations should be given to Him.

God does not always open the doors to our goals, and we should always have the mindset of His will over ours. I cannot began to tell you how, now looking back, I appreciate my time in the “minor leagues” of claims before being promoted to the “show.” I try to remember to thank God as much as and more than the times I asked Him to answer my prayer. We often don’t appreciate or grow if we are given everything right away, and there is a learning and dependency process we have to go through.

What are you worrying about today? What is giving you pause? Are you worried about things because you have lost your faith in God? Do you think God has forgotten you in the process? Have you asked Him to show you what He is trying to teach you? May we not worry about the things of life, but may we trust in His sovereignty and come to know that He does all things well.

Stay in the Fight!

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