The Day Is Coming

“And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”

Revelation 6:16-17

I recently read through the book of Revelation and it required incredible study and in-depth analysis. It does not read like Psalms and Proverbs, but it is a book of hope for those who follow Jesus Christ and a foretelling of eternal damnation for those who have rejected Him as their Lord and Savior. The Christian is to have hope but also to be warned that all that is done on earth will be judged by the One who is just.

My Dad built me a clubhouse when I was a young boy and it was something to behold. It was placed strategically in the yard and it gave me a view of the front yard and a view of the backyard and surrounding neighbors. I could see the alley and clear to at least a couple of blocks away. I was up in the clubhouse one day when I heard music and splashing. The neighbor who resided across the way behind our house had a pool that shimmered like a diamond in the sun. I was drawn to that pool and to how crystal clear the water was when a grand idea flashed across my brain. 

As I looked across the alley, it was as if I could see all the way to bottom of the pool. I decided to test this theory, so I grabbed some small rocks and threw one of them into the pool. The distance was a good 100 feet, but I had several rocks to give myself more than enough chances. The first rock I threw hit pay dirt, and I watched as the little pebble settled down to the bottom of the pool. My theory was correct, but I just did not stop there. I so enjoyed seeing the rock settle to the bottom that I decided to throw some more. I took great joy in this until one day I saw someone swimming in the pool, and I thought I’d try to hit the person swimming. 

Again I was quite successful and the girl swimming was not able to discover who was throwing rocks. I had honed my throwing and ducking skills until one day I did not duck soon enough because I waited too long admiring my own rock throwing mastery. The girl swimming immediately pointed at me and started yelling at me to show myself. I did not dare get up from my couched position and figured she would forget about it. I got out of the club house and made my way to the front yard where I was shocked to see her coming down our block. I tried to meet her before she got to my house but she was determined and angry. I begged and tried to reason with her but she did not stop to listen, and I was unable to stop the inevitable. She knocked on our door and told my parents of my shenanigans and that this had been going out for quite some time. My day had come and punishment quickly ensued after my parents heard the complaint and promised the young lady that this would not happen again. They were right. I never again throw a rock in that pool, and my backside reminded me for quite a while of my great error. 

In the end times, there will be those who will beg for mercy by asking for death, and will hope that the mountains and rocks will fall on them to stop the pain they are going through. They will try to hide from the judgement of God but will not be able to seek refuge. It will be a day of reckoning and there will be no stopping the Righteous Judge. We will not able to stand before His great wrath and there will be nothing we can say when that day comes. He will come with wrath and we will not be able to duck our way out of His judgement. We will not be able to hide and we will have to sleep in the bed we made.

Where are you today friend? Are you still throwing rocks at God’s commandments? Have you turned a deaf ear to what He is trying to tell you? Are you ready to meet the Righteous Judge of all the earth? Do you realize the day is coming when you will stand before Him? Do you realize Revelation is speaking of what will happen and not what may happen? If you aren’t ready or aren’t sure, I encourage you to connect with me. I would love to show you how you can have the hope of those who believe in Him.

Christians, may we keep our account current with our God and may we warn others of what is to come, thankful for His saving grace. 

Stay in the Fight!

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