The Best!

“Out of all your gifts ye shall offer every heave offering of (due to) the Lord, of (from) all the best thereof, even the hallowed (consecrated) part thereof out of it.”

Numbers 18:29

Rebekah and I were a couple of months from getting married and we were in the process of closing on a new house. We did not have very much, and my parents helped out a lot to give us the essentials we needed. We were just happy to have the house, but we did not think of all the items that go inside the house. We forgot about the trash cans, trash bags, toiletries, and cleaning items that we would need. We had no bed, blinds, and no appliances to speak of. We had no way of buying all these items, so we were both grateful for the help we received. Love is all you need until you need a bed to sleep on. My parents came from Chicago when we were closing on our new home and they guided us on what we needed to do.

My dad scoured the ads to see who was selling what, and we sought out people who were selling furniture cheap. There was no Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace back then, so we had to look at the classified ads to look for second hand items that we needed. We found a used dining table in the ads, a couch for sale from a friend, end tables that were purchased from a coworker, a washer and dryer from a yard sale, and an old dresser Rebekah had from her grandma. Things did not match quite well in our home, but we were just grateful to have these items. I did not think about it at the time, but we would not have been pictured in any Better Homes and Gardens magazine. As time went on, we desired to upgrade things one by one, but this did not happen overnight.

I liked nice things, but Rebekah was mostly content with whatever we had. I no longer wanted the hand-me-downs so we looked for sales that offered no-interest financing, and we looked for the very best that we could afford. We bought a leather couch, and my parents bought us a bedroom set and a brand new kitchen table.

Growing up, I was taught to give my tithe to God so this wasn’t hard for me, but I was missing an important principle in my giving. I paid all the bills and then I wrote our tithe and missions check. I did not think of God first, but instead thought of paying all my bills and fulfilling my wants first and then giving what was left to God. I gave to God as an afterthought instead of putting Him first and giving Him my “first fruits” and my best . I did this also in other areas of my life as I did not give God my best with my time and my availability. I am not sure what I did with all of my time in those days, but I know I will be accountable for all the hours I wasted. God desires the best of me and you, and He requires it first.

What talents has God given you? Are you using them for His honor and glory? Are you giving Him what is His first or do you give Him your leftovers? How are you using your time? Are you giving your best hours to the Lord, or do you give your best to yourself and everyone else but Him? May we give Him our best in everything, and may we always bring Him honor and glory in all that we do.

Stay in the Fight!

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