Standing On The Promises

“For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself,”

Hebrews 6:13

We went to Red Robin after church on a Sunday night and enjoyed a delicious meal. We were having a good time as we had our usual gourmet burgers, and I was in a food coma due to the bottomless fries and 1/2 lb burger. I looked forward to that meal so much that I forgot one of the most important things a man should have on him at all times.

We were smiling and laughing and the waiter asked if there was anything else we needed. We declined his offer and he left the check. I reached into my pocket and then reached into the other one. I patted myself down like a cop would do on a traffic stop. I found no evidence of a wallet and told the waiter of my plight. I wanted to tell him that I started my official work career as a dishwasher but our waiter didn’t seem the type to appreciate my past experiences and cash or card was the only form of currency accepted here.

I offered to leave my information with the waiter, and I vowed to call the restaurant with my debit card as soon I got home. He did not entertain my notion for a second and he advised there was nothing he could do. Card or cash was mandatory and I had neither. He did not take my word that I would pay, and I was soon headed home to retrieve my wallet. I left my family at the restaurant as collateral and soon returned with my wallet. I was embarrassed about forgetting my wallet at home but I paid the bill upon my arrival and my family was returned to me. I learned a valuable lesson that day, and I also learned not to forget my wallet. I came to know that my word meant very little when it comes to paying for food as I promised everything in the world but my words fell on deaf ears.

In this world it is hard to trust anyone and it is hard for others to trust us. We can never take anyone at their word and our own word often means nothing. I am grateful for God who can only swear by Himself as there is none greater than Him. He has never broken a promise, and it is impossible for Him to ever do so. God’s Word is a bond that can’t be broken and He cannot lie. His Word will last forever and He will not have to apologize for a broken or forgotten promise.

Are you trusting in His promises today? Are you resting in what He has promised to do? Are you thankful for the comfort His promises bring? May we come to know the security of a loving Father, and may we stand on the promises of God.

Stay in the Fight!

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