Spiritual Muscles

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”

II Timothy 3:16-17

I remember the first time I saw a muscle magazine and I saw Arnold in a full bicep pose. I was drawn to those biceps, and I desired to invite others to my own gun show someday. I picked up the magazine and began to read all about what Arnold did to build his impressive physique. From that day, I bought muscle magazines and checked out books about Arnold from the library. I asked for a weight set when I was in the eighth grade, and I put his pictures up in my garage for inspiration. I wrote down his quotes and even some of my own in order to motivate me to push myself in my garage weight room. 

I loved lifting weights and I was determined to become like Arnold. My Austrian accent was terrible and my love for tacos kept me from developing the physique I so desired. Although I lacked the genetics, it did not stop me from reading and trying to gain tips on how to increase my bench press or improve how much weight I could dead lift. Although my hopes of being Arnold have long since faded, I do still enjoy the smell of iron and the feeling of soreness after a good workout. 

My goals have shifted quite a bit from my younger days, and I now have a strong desire to be Christ-like. I look forward to waking up in the morning and opening the Word to see what God has for me. There are times when I am encouraged, and others times where I am reproved. Although the passages are not new to me, each time God speaks to me in a different way through His Word. I now look to His Word to change my spiritual physique, and I try to memorize verses that will help me in the areas where I struggle. I use these verses as an inspiration to do what is right, and I journal my thoughts on how God is working in my life.  I remember journaling  my own workouts and this has now been replaced with the spiritual gains and insights God has given me. 

The Bible is given for right teaching, reproof, correction and instruction. It is a light unto our life and a light unto our path. It shows us what we should do and tells us what we should not do. It teaches us of love, forgiveness and restoration. It is the greatest love story ever written, and it teaches us of justification and sanctification. It also tells us of the penalty of hell that is associated with rejecting the free gift of Jesus Christ, and the grave consequences of sin. 

Are you reading your Bible? Are you allowing the Word of God to change your life or are you too busy to pick up His Word? Are you seeing spiritual gains in your life? How have you seen God change you in the last six months? When was the last time your prayers were answered? Are you seeing God change your life through His Word or do you seem to just be spinning your spiritual wheels? May we allow the Word of God to radically and systematically change our life, and may the spiritual mirror reflect someone who is thoroughly furnished (completely equipped) for all good works. 

Stay in the Fight!

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