Speak It Into Existence

“Who is he that saith (speaks), and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?”

Lamentations 3:37

I remember when I was younger, I would say something such as “I’m going to die one day”, and my grandma would not be happy with me. She said my words had power, and I should not say things such as that. I do believe that words have power, but I am no fool to think that I can speak things into existence. I have heard some say “Don’t say that or you’ll jinx it”, as if I had that kind of power. I recently said something at work and someone told me we were now doomed because I just jinxed our good fortune. I responded that if my words held such power, I would definitely say things that would bring about greater benefits. I reassured those on my team that my words held no such power and they need not worry about being jinxed.

I hear a lot in social media of those who subscribe to the “name it, claim it” gospel. They attest that if you want something bad enough, that you just need to simply proclaim it and it will become yours. They attribute this to God hearing your proclamation and you simply having the faith to believe it will become yours, and it will come to pass. I have also seen pastors who have said, “good things are coming your way” or “the debt you have been praying about will all be paid off”. I see thousands of people who like this tweet or that post, and I imagine they have full belief that this event or thing will come to pass in their life simply because they believe it and have spoken it aloud. I have tried to speak many things into existence, but have had not much success in that department.

I remember things had gotten quite bad for me at work, and I was more than overwhelmed. I opened the door of a fully-loaded trailer, and several boxes fell out and struck me in the head. I knew at that time my work was cut out for me and I was going to be spending most of the day at work. Tuesdays were always a busy day for me, and I dreaded them. I had Sundays and Mondays off, and I had a hard time enjoying those days as I knew what awaited on Tuesday day before the sun would rise. I remember many times I would cry out and wish I can vanish from the place I currently stood, but I would open my eyes to the fluorescent lights that shined from above. As much as I would try to speak my way out of where I was, my situation never changed and my words held no power.

I remember praying in those times out of sheer desperation, but I only wanted my situation to change. I did not realize that I was the one in need of change and it had nothing to do with my situation. My situation was not one of ease, but my problems were compounded due to my spiritual condition. I am grateful for my words not becoming manifested into the things I desired. I did not seek the favor of God in spiritual things, but I simply wanted relief from my circumstances. In these hard times, I learned what Paul proclaimed thousands of years prior in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory (boast) in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

I am thankful to have learned that God’s grace is sufficient at all times and in all situations. The circumstances of life may never change, but the God of those circumstance is all we need. I never went through the things the Apostle Paul did, but I did experience the grace that only comes from a loving Father. Speaking words into existence may sound like a great benefit to some, but I would rather walk in the path that God has for me rather than what I may choose for myself. The truth is, God is the only One who can say something and it comes to pass, and we are foolish to think we can speak anything into existence. When we think this way, we take God lightly and we overestimate ourselves.

Have you bought into this false teaching? Have you thought along these same lines that you posses power to speak things into existence? Do you trust God to guide and direct you, or do you seek to direct your own way? May we not follow the world in spreading this lie, and may we learn to trust, “Thus saith the Lord.” Man’s word will soon fade away but God’s Word will last forever, and who can saying anything different that what almighty God has said?

Stay in the Fight!

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