Sin Not

A wrathful man stirreth up strife: but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.

Proverbs 15:18

Many of us have had a boss who made it difficult to go to work at times. Perhaps a boss who sometimes lived rent free in our head and a boss who at times made our life miserable. I have had good bosses and I have had bad bosses; some who were mean and others who helped mentor me through my work career. I have learned from each of them, even though from some I have learned what not to do or ever repeat that behavior when my time came to fill the same shoes. I have been stirred up more times than I would like to admit, and evil and sinful thoughts have crept into my mind when I have been pushed to my wits’ end. I have not always passed the sanctification tests I have been given, and much to my chagrin, the tests still keep coming.

We have a weekly meeting on Mondays that occurs at 11:00 am sharp. I used to be on the member escalation line from 10am-11am, so I would often be late as some of these calls would go well past the hour. My boss would mention it, but not give me too much of a hard time. The time frame recently changed, so I have plenty of time to be on time for this meeting. Our meeting was about to start when I was approached by another employee who needed help. I thought it would only take a minute or two and I did not want to dismiss the employee’s needs of the moment. I remember needing help when I was coming up, so I try to never ignore a call for help when I am able to do so. I thought it would be no big deal but 11:00am came, and I was still helping this employee.

“Rosendo, Rosendo, Rosendo” is what I heard next, and I recognized the voice of the one calling my name. It was my boss, and he was calling me to the meeting and only sitting a few feet from where I was helping the employee. He then rolled his chair over into the main aisle and sat there staring me down while I was helping the employee. I got done helping when he looked at me and then looked at his watch and indicated to me I was late and everyone was waiting for me. He was condescending in his tone toward me, and my facial response did not show that of a Christian. There was fire burning inside of me, and I sinned internally as I shot daggers his way but simply said, “I will get logged into the meeting now”. I wanted to tell him off, but I knew that would not be wise. I held my peace and he later said in the meeting that I was being a good leader by helping other employees. I am not sure if he saw the error of his way or if he was speaking in jest.

I have worked on being slow to anger, but this sanctification test reminded me that I still have work to do. I should have died to my flesh, and I should have simply smiled and logged into my computer. There was no need for my bad body language or my thousand-yard stare that looked to burn a hole in my boss. Part of the fruit of Spirit is self-control, and I showed very little that day. I was not a good testimony to my peers, and certainly not to my boss. In recent weeks, God has allowed my boss to administer several sanctification tests, and I must say I am not passing a lot of these tests. My boss has served as kind of a bully, but I know I need to pray for him. I must be filled with the Spirit, and my reactions need to be ones that please and honor God, no matter what is said to me.

Are you one who stirs up strife or are you slow to anger? Are you known to have a short fuse? Do you make excuses for your anger? Do others hate being around you? What would your family say about you? How do you react to those who seek to stir up strife? Do your reactions honor and please God? May we seek to please our ultimate Boss, and may we be slow to wrath even in the most adverse situations. People are watching, but more importantly, God is watching and He requires us to have self control. God help us to be slow to anger, and may we be known as peacemakers in a world filled with those who desire to stir up strife.

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