Serve Like God Is Watching, Because He Is

“For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister”

Hebrews 6:10

I remember the times we first started attending church as a young married couple. We were part of a small church and there were plenty of opportunities to serve. We were young and naive and ready to do anything and everything. We were placed in leadership positions we were ill-equipped to handle, but we had a heart to do the work. 

It seemed every Easter we were in charge of the picnic after the main service. We served fried chicken and people brought sides to share. We would help set up, serve and then clean up after. Rebekah kept things in order and we enjoyed serving together. I would often keep tabs on those who helped and those who didn’t help. I would complain about those who served and those who didn’t. I would get so wrapped up in others that I forgot all about Whom I was really serving. I robbed myself of many a blessing as my motives were not godly but were rather self-serving.

In serving our God, we often forget our motive, or our motives are not what they should be. We want the pat on the back and the accolades of service and forget that service sometimes is a selfless job that often goes unnoticed and unseen. Servants are not often praised and their work is not what you would find on the front page. Servants move in silence and are not ones who look to be praised and recognized. We often do good things for all the wrong reasons, and it shows in our attitude when we do not receive the praise we think we are due. Our motive should not be to be recognized by others, but our sole motive ought to be to serve our King. 

God knows of every table that is wiped and every meal that is served. He is aware of the trash that is thrown out, and He sees and knows about every act of service. He knows our heart and why we serve, and He is the One that never forgets. He will not forget the ministry of love that you have shown, and He will not forget what you have done for others in His name. God is a debtor to no man and while blessings and rewards may never be seen on this side of eternity, rest assured, He has not forgotten.  

How about you friend? Are you active in ministry and serving the saints? Are you participating in a labor of love? If so, are you doing it for your God or for the praise of others? Do you get offended when not patted on the back and given a hand-written note of gratitude? Are you focused on eternal rewards as opposed to earthly ones that hold no value? May we serve out of gratitude to our King, and may we line up to do the work He has called us to do. It is a privilege and honor to work for the best Boss, and it is a privilege and honor to serve God’s people. Will you complain about the work He has given you to do or will you whistle while you work? May we not rob ourselves of a blessing and may we remember that our God is righteous not to forget our service to Him. 

Stay in the fight! 

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