Separate Yourselves

“And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment. And they fell upon their faces, and said, O God, the God of the spirits of all flesh, shall one man sin, and wilt thou be wroth (angry) with all the congregation?”

Numbers 16: 20-22

The world seems to have changed much since I was a kid, and I imagine every generation could say the same thing. Topics that were off limits and taboo have taken center stage and are out in the open for all to see. The truth is suppressed and wrong is right and right is wrong. Society manufacturers its own truth, which is not truth at all, and things are as upside down as ever. Although this is a picture of the world, it seems the world has also crept into the church and into the lives of Christians. The line of morality seems to be blurred, but in the eyes of God, it has always been a black and white issue.

Sin use to be blushed at, but it is now excused and indulged in. Although Christians have taken a lighter approach on sin, God never has and He never will. In the Old Testament, animals were sacrificed for the shedding of blood and purification of sins that had been committed. The spotless lamb was spoken of and the Jews of that day looked forward to the Perfect Sacrifice that would come to redeem the world. God had a plan from the beginning to send His Son into a world that would not have salvation without the shedding of blood. Matthew 26:28 states, “For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.”

The price paid for sin was not small, and a holy God does not take sin lightly. We are commanded to be holy as He is holy. We are called to be a separated people and not a people in love with the world. Our lives should reflect a life of a Christian and not a life of convenience with a carefree attitude of sin.

There was a group of people speaking ill of Moses and Aaron, God’s appointed leaders, and God did not overlook this sin. He told His people to separate themselves as He was going to consume them due to their wickedness. Moses being a good leader still prayed for them and pleaded their case to God. He did not desire their downfall or even pray for it, but he got on his face and prayed for those who were taken in sin.

Are you living a life of sin, or have you drawn the line in the sand and separated yourself? Would your coworkers know you’re a Christian or would they be shocked to find out? Do you plead and pray for others who are entangled in sin, or do you find it easier to speak ill of them and look down on them? May God help us to separate ourselves from that which He hates, and may we get on our face and plead for those who are entrapped in sin.

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