Save The Drama

“Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so where there is no talebearer (gossip), the strife ceaseth. As coals are to burning coals, and wood to fire; so is a contentious man to kindle strife.”

Proverbs 26:20-21

I have been entrusted with information from time to time that was pretty serious in nature. Sometimes I have been told to not tell anybody, and other times I knew it needed to not be shared. I know many secrets and there are some that I plan to take to the grave with me. I would hate to reveal what I know as it may hurt those who have entrusted me with the information. I would like to be known as someone people can trust, and I believe in keeping what you have been told under your hat.

I know of some who love to hear bad news and spread it to others. It seems we like to hear of the despair of others as opposed to hearing the good people are doing. The news of death spreads faster than that of a newborn baby. We seem to revel in hearing of others’ bad news as I think it somehow make us feel better about our lives and the decisions we have made. I know for me personally, the bad news of my life spread much faster than the times of when I did right. In all fairness, there was plenty of bad news to go around and very little in the way of good news.

I was expelled as a senior in high school, and the news of that spread throughout my church. I am not sure how it got around but people surely did not put it under their hat. I had people approach me who I barely knew and express their disappointment in my poor decisions. I was lectured that my dad was a deacon, and how I should know better. I grew angry at some and questioned why they had not expressed the same words when I had made decisions at camp. I asked them why they never approached me before to encourage me or offer to pray for me. I asked why they thought it was a good idea to discuss this with others, and why they thought it was a good idea for them to approach me. I was not respectful in these challenges with people who were my authority figures, but I soon learned that bad news travels a lot faster than good news.

Drama is what our society loves and what it will pay handsomely for. All of us at some point in our lives have been involved in drama, whether we were the source of drama or stirred up drama in a given situation. I recall at times loving to stir the pot and testing people’s mettle and tolerance. The vernacular used today is the word “drama,” but the Bible would call it contention. The Word of God also tells us to abstain from stirring the pot and causing contention. How great would this world be if we would die to self and allow ourselves to be offended without telling the world? How peaceful would things become if we knew something bad about another but chose to keep it to ourselves? How quickly would things dissipate and be a non-issue if we would put out the fire? How different would the world be if we chose to pray for others instead of speaking ill of them? I am guilty of fanning the fires of contention instead of choosing to put water on a fiery tongue which often is my own.

Are you a peacemaker or a drama maker? Do you take pleasure in spreading bad news? Do you always look to get the latest dirt on others or are you one who prays for the downtrodden? May we avoid drama like the plague, and may we encourage one another to love and good works. It is easy to tear another down, but it is more fruitful to promote others to godliness. Like Smoky said, “Only you can prevent a forest fire.”

Stay in the Fight!

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