Righteous Judge

“Ye shall do no unrighteousness (injustice) in judgment: thou shalt not respect (be partial to) the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour.”

Leviticus 19:15

I grew up in church, but I was far from an angel. I had a strong will as a kid, and I suppose I still do, which causes me to have to constantly check myself before I wreck myself. I had quite the reputation as a little kid, and I believe it started when I was promoted to the class for 2- and 3-year-olds. I began my Sunday school career by getting into dust ups with my classmates, not doing what I was told, and talking when I was not supposed to. I would say things to make the other kids laugh, and the attention I got only fueled me to say more things. I was warned that I would not get a snack, but I knew I would get a good lunch so it did not deter me from my mischievous ways.

As I got older, it seemed my reputation followed me to other Sunday school classes, and my new teacher would often start the class by addressing me and stating, “I’ve heard about you, and I’m keeping my eye on you.” I simply learned to do my naughtiness when I thought they were not watching. My bottom sometimes got worn out on Sundays as I was not as slick as I thought I was. I thought things would change when I started kindergarten, but it just made things worse as I was watched five days a week as opposed to only once a week.

I did very little to help my reputation in school and my nose found its way on the chalkboard, and I found myself facing the corner staring at the wall. I was determined to shake my reputation at the start of each year, but my actions only solidified my place into the “Rebels Hall of Fame”. As I grew older, I began to resent those who were the teacher’s pet as they were always given the benefit of the doubt, and I was always assumed guilty before my trial. I saw those who were not doing right, but everyone praised them because they put on a good show. I wanted to shout out the sins of those hypocrites, even though I was not doing right myself. I failed to realize that God judged me with perfect justice as He also perfectly judged those who were better at hiding their sins. There is no fooling God when it comes to our actions, and He will judge righteously when we see Him face to face. We are to judge one another in the same way and not look down on those who are poor or powerless and not have more regard for those who are rich or powerful. We are to be just in our judgement in the same way our Righteous Judge is with us.

It has been said that the ground is level at the foot of the cross. This statement reminds me that our God is not one who has respect of persons and He offers salvation to all, not just a select few. It cost Him His life, but it costs us absolutely nothing. I am thankful for a Righteous Judge who sees past me, and instead sees the righteousness of His Son, Jesus. He does not sees my abundant sins, but He sees His abundant grace. He judges us on whether we choose to place our sole trust in Him, or if we choose to place our faith in something or someone else. He gives each person the same opportunity, and it is our own choice whether we will believe in Him or if we will choose to spend eternity in hell without Him.

Where do you stand with the righteous Judge? Does He sees you as righteousness and forgiven, or do you stand before Him as unforgiven and destined to hell? Are you swayed by the appearance and look of another or do you judge others righteously as you should? Do you have respect towards a certain group of people and look down on others? May we make sure we stand forgiven in Him, and be just in how we judge others.

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