Revival Time

“And Moses went up into the mount, and a cloud covered the mount. And the glory of the Lord abode upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud. And the sight of the glory of the Lord was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel. And Moses went into the midst of the cloud, and gat him up into the mount: and Moses was in the mount forty days and forty nights.”

Exodus 24:15-18

I was told about a spiritual leadership conference that occurred annually in Santa Clara, California. A friend of mine who attended our church had gone to school at the Christian college associated with the conference, and he raved about it. Our pastor at the time decided to go, and encouraged all the members of the church who could attend to go as well. The conference started on a Monday night and ran through Thursday night. The church planned to rent two vans and depart after a quick Sunday evening meal and drive all through the night and into the next day to get to Santa Clara. The conference was about 12 hours away unless you have a lead foot, which shaves off about an hour and a half. I wanted to go on the trip, but I did not want to ride in the van and endure the many sanctifications tests that the trip would require.

Rebekah and I both decided to go and bring our son, who was barely a year and a half, so we decided we would take a flight out there which was much shorter and more comfortable for all parties involved. The church that hosted the conference was under construction, so we met outside in the parking lot under a massive tent. I am not sure how many people were there, but it would be safe to say the attendance exceeded the size of the tent. There was a buzz in the air like I had never before experienced, and the people attending this conference were as excited as I would be attending a Rose Bowl with my beloved Sun Devils. People could not wait for the services to start, and I did not know it at the time, but I was in for a real treat.

The service started with congregational singing and the crowd sang with full lungs and in one accord. The singing only added to the excitement of the service, and it seemed as if we sang for hours. I am not Pentecostal, but I got close to being one in this service. The singing ended and the pastor was introduced to preach and the place just erupted. There was clapping and whooping and hollering from all areas of the crowd. I looked around waiting for Michael Jordan to enter the tent, but it was only the special speaker who received such a loud and warm invitation. The people were ready to hear the preaching, and the preacher did not disappoint the large crowd who came to hear the word of the Lord.

The preacher got up and started preaching with spit flying from his mouth, his foot stomping on the stage, and a white hanky waving like Old Glory on a battleship. I was hearing “amens” from all over the crowd, and it felt much like a game 7 of the World Series. The preacher started to preach the Word, and the Holy Spirit started to work in the lives of those who were there. The time came for invitation and there was no room in the front to kneel as many went forward to make decisions for God. You could feel the presence of God in that “tent” meeting, and I was so moved that I felt like I could burst and did not want the conference to end. It is an amazing thing when you see God work in and move among His people, and there is no denying his presence when you are in the midst of it.

I know that conference pales in comparison to what Moses experienced, but I can imagine He did not want to come off the mountain. I cannot imagine the things he experienced as he spent intimate time with God. I imagine the forty days felt much like 40 seconds, and I imagine he wished he could stayed up there forever. He experienced the glory of the Lord and was in the very presence of almighty God. Although we are at present not afforded the privilege to physically meet the Lord in a cloud, we are afforded the same opportunity to meet with Him spiritually. We can freely go to His throne and speak with Him as Moses did. We can sing praises to Him, and we can even hear from Him through the precious Word of God. Although we may have spiritual “experiences” from time to time, we can moment by moment enjoy a spiritual walk and relationship with the One who desires a relationship with us.

Where are you today friend? Do you take advantage of one-on-one time with your God or are you just looking for the “mountaintop” experience? Do you read your Bible daily in anticipation of hearing from the Father or do you spend time in the things of this world instead? May we take advantage of the open access we have to the throne of God, and may we desire to spend time in His presence every day. We do not have to go to the top of the mountain to experience what Moses did as God is in the valley as well. May we desire and seek the glory of the Lord, and may we seek to spend time in His presence on a daily basis. Psalm 63:1 states, “O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;”

Stay in the Fight!

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