Resist the Resistance!

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

James 4:7

I have heard many say, “I have been fighting the devil all week”, but you listen to them for a little bit and realize they are on the same team with the devil. They are not fighting or resisting, but seem to be helping him. You are not resisting if you are constantly saying yes to temptation.

In Freedom That Lasts, there are core principles we learn that aid in the resistance of temptation. When we first started the program, I thought I was going to be helping a lot of people. I didn’t realize it was I who needed the help. It is amazing to see the dirt in your own life as you draw closer to the light. God began to reveal things in my own life through the curriculum of Freedom That Lasts and the verses I was required to memorize. How can one go wrong when they memorize and apply God’s Word?

I always gave excuses for my sin and blamed others for the decisions I made. I failed to see myself for who I was, but God began to work in all facets of my life. Through the verses I was memorizing, I began to see there was true freedom in Him, and that I really could have victory over my sin. I was not doomed to my addictions and sinful habits, but I could experience the joy and freedom that I only dreamed of. I saw God working in my life once I started to do things His way. I had to rid myself of excuses, and I had to look at myself in comparison to His law of perfection to see just how sinful I was. God will reveal things to you if you submit yourself to Him.

Times of temptation and trials did not go away, but my reaction to them was different. I now had a game plan, and I began to memorize verses to help me when I was tempted. I used these verses to remind me of God’s truth when the devil tempted me with a lie. The more I resisted the devil, the easier it became to tell him no. God became bigger in my life, and I could feel His presence when I began to feel overwhelmed by temptation. I am grateful for the brothers and sisters who pray for me, and I am grateful for a God who was “in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” He faced the whispers of Satan and He heard the lies. He was at His physical low when He was tempted, but yet He resisted, and the devil ran from Him.

Where are you today friend? Are you resisting the devil or are you on the same team? Do you blame others for your actions or do you see yourself as God sees you? Are you submitting to God and doing it His way? Are you truly resisting the devil? Are you experiencing victory in your life? May we resist the devil and allow God to do what only He can do. May we come to know what we recite every week that “Jesus Christ is the only source of Freedom That Lasts.”

Stay in the Fight!

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