Renewed Love

“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;”

Titus 2:11-12

Rebekah and I were dating, and we were looking for something cool to do to avoid the summer heat. Rebekah is not much of a shopper, but she humored me and accompanied me to the mall. Shopping for retail items is not her cup of tea, although she loves to stroll the aisles of a supermarket. I love to shop for retail items and not so much at the grocery store as I come home with a high bill and little to show for it. If I do not have a plan or list, I tend to buy steaks and chorizo and not much else. Anyway, we were doing some window shopping at the mall and really did not have a plan to buy anything as were dating and not exactly rolling in the dough. I was looking at shoes when a certain pair really caught my eye.

I noticed these black boots from across the shoe store and I was determined to buy them. I checked to see how much this purchase would set me back, and I was not pleased. I wanted them, but the $125 price tag was a bit much for me to pay as I was making a whopping $8 an hour. I looked at them for a while and even tried them on, but I finally decided against them. I figured I would ask for them as a Christmas present or smash some cans and save up some money. I thought of these shoes the whole day, and I made sure to memorize what they looked like and the store where I found them for future referencing. Rebekah and I were getting serious in our relationship, and we were headed to engagement and marriage. I knew she was the one for me, but she did something that surprised me and inflamed my love for her.

I was living with my aunt at the time, and Rebekah was with me as I walked into my room. I turned the corner and at the end of the room I spotted those Tommy Hilfiger black boots that I loved. I could not believe what I saw, and I smiled from ear to ear. I gave her a big hug and kiss, and I could not believe that she would buy these for me. It was a thoughtful gift and one I will never forget if God allows me the mental capacity. She shocked me with purchasing these for me, and I did not even have a clue. My love for her grew that day and I knew I was not going to let her get away. My love was on fire for her, and she could ask me to go into a burning building and save 10 kittens, and I would not have hesitated to do it.
I think of the verse above and how our love should be renewed for our God as we reflect on His grace – the grace that brings salvation to all mankind. We were doomed for death in hell when God sent His son to die for us, and we will one day be seated at the King’s table. Grace, the unmerited love and favor of almighty God, ought to renew our love for our Savior and propel us to good works. His grace should keep us from the sin that will serve only to separate us from our beloved Lord and Savior. We should not take His grace lightly, but allow it compel us to live for Him and be on fire to please Him.

Where are you today? Has your love waned for your Savior? Do you love Him like you used to? Have you forgotten the meaning behind the song, Amazing Grace? Is it still a sweet sound to your ears? May we renew our love for our Savior today as we remind ourselves of His matchless grace. What a great God to send His Son to save a wretch like me! I will never forget those black boots, but I will eternally remember and praise my God for the grace that He brought to me.

Stay in the Fight!

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