Pollute Not

“So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but (except) by the blood of him that shed it.”

Numbers 35:33

I love to watch a reality show called The First 48, in which a camera crew follows around the local police while they investigate murders, The show was in Phoenix, Arizona and it was neat to see my city on television, minus the murders that were happening in my great city. Murder is a terrible thing. God has placed a high value on life as we are image bearers of Him, and the taking of life is a sin no matter the age or the circumstance. The shed blood of another is not easily wiped away, and there are countless people whose lives forever change when the life of another is taken.

Our country has grown incredibly violent and one does not have to look far to see a murder on the news or social media. We have those who are worried about our climate and pollution, but God mentions pollution in a different context in these verses in Numbers. He speaks of the pollution of the land when innocent blood is shed. Reckless murders happen far too often. I have seen some episodes of The First 48 show in which someone was murdered over a few bucks or because someone bumped into them in a club. Life is not valued as it should be, and we even have people protesting over their perceived “right” to take the life of the very one who is dependent on them for protection and safety. The blood that has been spilled in our country does not go unnoticed by God, and we will not be guiltless if we support the murderous actions of another in any way.

I am grateful that God valued my life so much that He died for me, and that He gave His life for mine. He paid the ultimate price for my sins, and His precious blood was shed for me. We sometimes lose sight of how precious life is because the taking of it has become so common in our society. Rebekah and I were on a walk one night in our neighborhood when we heard gun shots ring out breaking the silence of the night. It did not sound close, but we soon figured out it was coming from the nearby park as police cars raced past us. We soon made our way to the park where we noticed police tape surrounding the basketball court. We saw someone lying on the court and the police were rushing to cover this person who had passed away. There was a group of others on the other side of the court who were mourning and the cries of these filled the night air. We were in shock as this was close to our home, and the victim was quite young.

God does not take murder lightly and we should not either. We should value the life of another, which extends from those in the womb to those who are in their last stage of life. God is the One who gives life, and He is the One who takes life. He knows the time of our death, and we must remember the high value He places on life. We would be wise to thank Him as often as we remember for the life He has given us as every day is a gift. May we hate what He hates and may we value what He values.

Do you take life lightly? Do you value the life of all people, even though you may have differing outlooks on life? Do you wish death on another due to your animosity and hate? May we love others as He has loved us. May we pray for our country, and may we pray for the blood polluting of our land to cease. God forbid that we ever entertain the thoughts of murder, and may we daily thank Him for the life that He gives us each day.

Stay in the Fight!

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