Perfect Timing

“There are many devices (plans) in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.”

Proverbs 19:21

My daughter told me about a movie that was being shown on the big screen as a special 25th anniversary release. It was a movie that Rebekah and I watched prior to dating, when things were still a bit awkward between us. We made plans to go and see the movie as part of this special showing, and we decided to meet there after work. I was closing that night, so Rebekah picked up some Chinese food and I showed up to the theater one minute before the movie began. Rebekah brought blankets in with her as well as some blueberries and a little piece of chocolate to cap off the meal. We were quite comfortable and eating like kings, which was a stark contrast to when we first saw the movie. The first time, I had little butterflies in my stomach as old feelings for Rebekah resurfaced, but I was not sure how she felt about me.

When we watched the movie 25 years ago, Rebekah tried to pay for her own way but I quickly pulled out my wallet and paid for both of us. I had just come in from Chicago for my friend’s wedding, and my cousin told Rebekah I would be in town. I am not sure what compelled Rebekah to tell my cousin to have me call her, but this is what she did. I think maybe she did not know what to say when my cousin told her I was coming into town, but nevertheless, she gave my cousin her number. I had been in town all but one day when my cousin told me that Rebekah wanted me to contact her. It had been such a long time that my response was “Rebekah who?” She laughed and said, “Rebekah Baldwin” and I was puzzled but also intrigued. I called the number she provided and we had a nice conversation and agreed to meet up to catch up on life.

It was a sad week as our mutual friend had been murdered days prior, and I saw Rebekah at the funeral a couple of days after speaking on the phone. I was excited to see her, but more overwhelmed by the emotions I was feeling for my friend in his coffin a few feet away from me. We agreed to meet a few days later and the only day that seemed to work was Christmas Day. We attended the movie and things were somewhat awkward but we picked up our conversation as if no years had elapsed. I had thoughts of holding her hand during the movie, but my common sense kicked in and told me it was not a good move. I was not sure how she felt, but I was thinking of the long game and not of the immediate. I invited her to my friend’s wedding and she agreed to hang out with me. The wedding went great and this was the start of where I believe I started to fall back in love with her. I cannot speak for how she felt, but I was sold on her and could barely contain how I felt.

I played things cool and they seemed to work out pretty well as we are now married. After rewatching the movie, we talked abut how we felt and the awkwardness of the first time we went. I told her how I felt that night, and how crazy it was that we clicked as though we had talked for years even though we had not had a lengthy conversation since I was 15. God brought us together at that time and His timing was absolutely perfect. It seemed as though things had just magically fallen in place, but it was God who had orchestrated it all. He brought us together after several years of being apart and He knew things would not have worked out this way if we would have tried to keep our relationship together during the high school years. We seemed to come together by chance, but God is not a God of chance but everything is of His sovereign will. We laughed about the first time we saw the movie and how different things were then compared to now, and as I laid my head down to sleep, I thanked God for how He brought us together.

Do you believe in luck? Have you ever heard someone say, “speak it into existence”? We should know better than to use phrases like this as we know that God is sovereign and ordains all things. There is no such thing such as chance, or things that just happen by coincidence. Do you believe God is sovereign? Will you trust Him in the things He has allowed in your life? Will you trust that His timing is perfect? I would have planned for Rebekah and I to stay together in high school, but I can promise you if that was the case, we would not be married today. I am thankful for God’s timing, and I am thankful that His sovereign will always prevails over my own. May we trust God’s timing, and may we remember that He will always do what is best.

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