Peace With All Men

“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you (depends on you), live peaceably with all men.”

Romans 12:18

I recently started working for a new boss and the transition has not been the easiest for me. You get used to a leader and change is always hard. With a new leader comes different expectations, different forms of communication, and a fresh perspective and outlook. I had grown quite comfortable with my old boss, but I did have an open mind when the new one came on board. I misunderstand her communication at times, and I feel sometimes things are lost in translation. She does not always come across in the best way, and I feel she does not filter the message she gets from above but rather places on us the exact burden that is placed on her. I understand pressure runs downhill, but it is something I am not used to. I am learning that I will have to adapt and learn quickly or I will be in a position I do not want to be in.

I was getting ready for an international trip, so I had a lot on my plate. I had to get caught up and ahead on my work as I was scheduled be gone for two weeks. As she requested, I sent a calendar invite to remind her that I would be off for the two weeks. On the final week before I left, there was an array of problems that arose due to a new transfer employee quitting and all that goes along with it. My boss was asking me a lot of questions about this individual to which I had no real answers as this person really never worked for me. He came onto my team but only came to work for one day and then submitted his resignation. I like to be warmed up with niceties such as “good morning” before getting bombarded with questions or demands, but my boss bypasses this and goes straight into the business at hand. I will say that this does not sit well with me, but I know I have to get over it.

A couple of days before my trip, she sent me a message advising me that we were to meet with one of my employees the week I was scheduled to be off. I reminded her that I would be out of town, and she told me that she needed me to send her the calendar invite that I had sent ten days prior. She told me she did not receive it even though she was clearly noted in the email and there was confirmation it had been sent. She asked me to resend it which I did and then I sent her a screenshot of what I had sent before. She finally responded that she got it even though I believe she simply did not look for it, but I was not going to get confirmation of that or “I’m sorry”. She did not bother to ask where I would be for two weeks, but simply let me know she got my calendar invite.

I would like to say it was done there, but I received a text message from her while on vacation and out of the country. My passport stated that I was not authorized to work in the country, but I am not sure she got the memo as she had no clue where I was. I know some of these things sound trivial but work has been quite stressful, and it seems she adds to it, even though I believe it is not her intention. She is sometimes like salt in a wound, but I must learn to live peaceably with her even though my flesh cries out against some of the things that she does or does not do.

We all face people who rub us the wrong way and even people who seem to be intent on our demise. The real question for us is, will we seek peace amidst the chaos and mistreatment or will we grow bitter and angry? I have not always acted in a way that is peaceable even though my boss may not know, but it has been a struggle in adapting to her leadership and expectations. I must acknowledge that God has allowed this person into my life for a reason, and I would be wise to die to myself and seek peace instead of turmoil and opposition.

How will you react to those God brings in your life? Will you grow bitter and angry, or will seek peace? Will you be Christlike or will you care more about your feelings? May we look to the Son of Man who was spit upon and crowned with thorns, yet still chose to love and die for those who treated Him in such a way. He cared about their souls as we should with our fellow man. Seek peace where there seems to be none, and may others see Christ in you in the way you respond, no matter the circumstances. You cannot control how others treat you, but through Christ, you can control how you treat them.

Stay in the Fight!

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