Not Ready

“And then will I profess (declare) unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Matthew 7:23

I was recently granted an interview for a manager’s job I had applied for at work. I had waited a couple of years for this chance – ever since I attended manager candidate’s school and thought I was on the fast track to get one of these coveted jobs. I had an interview right out of manager candidate school in February 2020, and I was elated to just have a seat at the table. I did not get hired for the job, but I thought I would have many more opportunities in the upcoming days.

Little did I know the next month would bring much change for the whole world. My company sent us home to work, and our work slowed down tremendously as people simply were not going out much. The world seemed to come to a stand still, and I was able to catch up on work and even work ahead. I went into other people’s files to stay busy, and I was thankful for the time I was given back. The company saw less calls which meant the need for a basic hiring freeze, and I was just grateful to still be employed.

With work slowing down, our company was not making any movements and there were no job openings across the board. My coworkers and I were grateful the company was able to retain us and not force us into any layoffs of any kind. The manager job openings that I thought would be plenteous dried up like water in the desert, and I tried to be patient and understanding because of the times we were in. I was promised things would change once everything opened up again, and that in the coming months my patience would pay off.

Months turned into two years, and only recently there have been job postings for manager roles. I learned that over 100 people were applying for each of these jobs and the competition was stiff, but it did not keep me from applying. I applied for the latest round of manager job openings, and I was elated to be selected for an interview. To help me prepare, my manager scheduled me for a mock interview and since I had waited two years for this, I felt I would be more than ready to crush it. I diligently prepared for the mock interview, and I went into that trial run with the upmost confidence.

At the end of my mock interview, I asked for constructive feedback although I thought I had done fairly well. I spent the next 40 minutes or so hearing pretty harsh critiques of my performance in this practice interview, and they were kind enough to ask if they should stop slamming me after the first 20 minutes. Any semblance of confidence I had was now shattered, and I was trying to pick up the pieces from the floor. I did not do well, and I soon realized that I was not as prepared as I should have been. When it came down to it, I was not ready at all, and I felt a bit foolish because what I thought was not close to reality. I was grateful for this mock interview as it helped me prepare for the real deal the following week.

I think of those who will go out into eternity thinking they are ready, only to find out they are ill prepared to meet their Creator and Righteous Judge. Some who think they are good will find out that God never knew them and they will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Some who are sure they are prepared will find out their good works do not equate to a relationship with the Almighty.

What about you? Are you ready for the judgement day? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Does He know you? Have you put your faith and trust in Him? May you not be ill-prepared to meet the Lord, and may you be 100% sure of your eternal destination.

Stay in the Fight!

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