No Walking

“And we desire that every one of you do [show] the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end: That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”

Hebrews 6:11-12

We all tend to get complacent from time to time and we are prone to lose our focus. We forget what is ahead of us and we forget our ultimate goals. We lose sight of the end and we forget our reason and purpose in life. 

We were in Denver Colorado for one of Rebekah’s work trips and there were some exciting festivities planned. One of the events was a 5K run through parts of the neighborhood and the route went by our hotel. Rebekah had people from her work volunteering for the event, and I was excited to sign up. We had just got back from a trip to Disney World where I got a bad cold, and I was pretty sick for a couple of week. I hadn’t run in several weeks and my lungs were full of things that prohibit air from taking occupancy, and I was in no shape to run this 5K.

The day of the race came and I thought everything would be fine as I thought I was just tough it out. I started the race and soon felt Denver’s “mile high” effect. Rebekah’s colleagues were stationed not too far from the beginning of the race and they were handing out water to the participants. I didn’t want to look bad, so I kept pushing and moving my legs. I rounded a corner and then saw the trail led up the biggest hill I had ever seen in a residential area. My heart sank but Rebekah’s colleagues were still watching and cheering.  I hunkered down and labored up the hill. My lungs were burning and my legs were on fire, and I thought I was going to glory. I turned around hoping no one was looking but I saw someone at the bottom of the hill giving me a thumbs up. 

I was only a mile and a half in the race but I was spent and my legs and legs were crying for mercy. When I got to the top of that hill, I immediately stopped and doubled over with sheer exhaustion. I thought no one was watching, so I took a break from running and started to walk. My eyes became focused again, and I realized people were still watching me. I started to run again and I prayed several times for the finish line to be moved up a mile. The finish line never moved, but the closer I got to it, the harder I pushed. I finally finished the race and my legs and lungs burned. I was grateful to be done but ashamed of myself that I walked in the beginning of the race. 

In the spiritual race, we often grow tired and weary. We become complacent and we lose our passion for souls. We get comfortable in our Sunday seat and forget our purpose and the promise God has given us. We are comfortable with being lukewarm  and we compare ourselves with others instead of comparing ourselves against God’s standard. We follow the wrong people and become slothful in God’s work. We climb a hill and then rest at the top instead of pushing forward with all diligence. 

Where are you today friend? Are you pushing towards the hope and promise God has given you? Life is a vapor and soon we will be nearing the fulfillment of God’s promises. When we close our eyes for the last time, God’s promise of eternal life for those who believe will be realized. We must not rest when we climb up the hill but we must continue to press forward. We must not get lazy but God must remain our focus and the purpose for our drive. Will you finish strong or will you be caught walking? May God help us show diligence to the end, and may He find us faithful. 

Stay in the Fight!

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