No One Cares

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

I Peter 5:7

I am sure you have experienced times in your life when you felt no one cared. In my life, I knew it was not true, but I still chose to sulk and revel in thinking this untrue thought of no one caring about me. I grew up in a loving home with parents and a sibling who cared about me, but I would sometimes allow my thoughts to get the best of me. I would feel sorry for myself when I would get into trouble, and I would allow myself to think that it was me against the world. I did not have “real” problems per se, but to me at the time, my problems felt so heavy on me. I felt as though no one understood, and I blamed others for the consequences I was experiencing. There is no one in this life who has given me more problems than me, but it is much easier to blame others than to take full responsibility for my own actions.

I was in the 10th grade and I loved to play soccer. I had been playing for several years, and I had become somewhat decent at the sport. I loved to play physical and my goal was to shut down the opposing teams’ best player. In my freshman year, our team went the entire season defeated and we forfeited our last game because our coach got the date mixed up. I am not sure if he did this on purpose or not, but we ended the year 0-10. I hated losing and my freshman year was a miserable one as victory was as elusive as water in the desert. I went to a new school my sophomore year, and I was excited as my new team was much more talented than my previous one.

I showed up to our first practice and we had a coach who cared, and the team had talent from top to bottom. We were favored to win it all that year, and we seemed to gain more confidence and cohesiveness as the year progressed on. The season drew to an end, and we started to prepare for our first round tournament matchup. I had some academic struggles that first semester in my sophomore year, and I was carrying a solid F average up to that point. The quarter was coming to an end and there was no hope for my grades increasing. My teacher had one after-school tutoring session with me, but it was not enough to overcome all my deficiencies to that point.

I was on the field practicing corner kicks when the dean of students came out and told my coach to get me off of the field as I was deemed ineligible for the tournament. My coach was disgusted at the news and try to stick up for me although his pleas fell on deaf ears. I put my head down as I walked off the field with a defeat I had not felt all year. I thought of every way to plead my case but there was no way of getting around my F average. I felt like a failure and I guess I was a failure at English, if one chose to press the matter.

I attended the soccer tournament as a spectator, and while we did not do well that night as some key players were missing, we still won the game. In the championship match, however, we were outplayed and we came up short. I sat there watching the game, and I had to explain more times than I would like as to why I wasn’t playing. Every person that asked me just shook their head and walked away from me. Although I played the whole season with the guys, I did not feel part of the team and I felt so alone. I wanted to blame my English teacher, and I did blame everyone I could, but it did not change my situation and it did not make me feel any better. I know it seems silly, but it was a low point in my high school life, and I knew I had let a lot of people down.

I had no “real” problems in high school but it did not keep me from having feelings of being overwhelmed and alone. I was somewhat popular and had plenty of friends and family who cared about me, but I allowed the whispers of Satan to often get the best of me. It can be a dark place when one feels alone and it seems like the burdens you carry are weightier than you can bear. You forget about all the good things in your life, and you focus on the singular issues instead of the plethora of support and care that you really have. I have been blessed to have many who care about me, but there is none more important that the Friend who sticks closer than a brother. We have a guarantee that our God promises to never leave us nor forsake us. He is there at all times, and no matter where we may be mentally or physically, He is ever there. He has not left us to walk alone in this world, but He is ever present and available.

Do you feel alone today? Do you feel as if no one cares about you? Have you allowed your feelings to drown out the promises of God? Have you succumbed to the whispers of the Devil? Have you come to know the true comfort of taking all your burdens to the Father? There are trials in life, but you are not alone in dealing with them. You have someone who cares enough about you that He loved and died for you. He desires to spend all eternity with you, and He is busy preparing an eternal home for you. He has given you friends who love and care about you, and He has given you His word that speaks of His promises. Proverbs 18:24 states, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” May we praise Him for His loving care for us, and may we never accuse Him of leaving us alone.

Stay in the Fight!

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