No Mood Swings

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”

Hebrews 13:8

I started at a retail job in which I had to be to work by 3:45am. I would wake up at 2:45am and my mind would be in a deep fog. Going to bed around 10:45pm and getting only four hours of sleep was killing me. I would wake up and think, “Who gets up at this ungodly hour?” I would get through the day and catch a nap if I could, but most often, time did not always allow that luxury.

I worked on one particular Saturday and was worn out by the end of the week. I had worked all week and was ready for a weekend nap. I came home and I must confess I was not in the greatest of moods. The kids were jovial and having quite the time on this lovely Saturday afternoon. They were making home videos with my iPad and acting quite silly. I was not amused by their videos, and even less amused at their perceived carelessness of my iPad. I came upon this scene as I walked in the door and immediately yelled, “Where is the cover to my iPad?!” The video-taking abruptly stopped as I ended their time of silliness and the time they were enjoying just being kids.

The act itself may not seem like much, but my yelling was caught on this video they took of me. Later, I was shown the video, and I could not believe how terrible I sounded and looked. I hardly recognized the person yelling on the video, but unfortunately, I was quite familiar with the person I saw. I thought I was this fun-loving dad but the video showed I was quite the contrary. I became as Jekyll and Hyde and at times unpredictable. My kids were scared of me, and I killed their spirit. I became moody as I was not getting enough sleep, but mainly, because I was not doing right. My mood fluctuated and I did not like who I had become as it was on full display in this video.

I am thankful for God who never changes and is the same every day since the beginning of time, and will not change for all eternity. He does not become weary of our prayers and His patience never wears thin. He does not have mood swings, and He does not grow tired or hangry. He is constant and more reliable than a Swiss timepiece. It is impossible for Him to change, and He is bound by His promises. He is never grouchy and He is always kind and loving.

How about you friend? Are you grateful for a God who never changes? Are you one who is easily provoked or moody? Is your attitude and joy based on the knowledge of the One who never changes? Are you affected by the negative circumstances of life or are your feet planted on the Solid Rock? May we strive to be like our Heavenly Father, and may we be kind and loving in all circumstances.

Stay in the Fight!

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