No Help In Elections

” I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence (where) cometh my help? My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”

Psalm 121:1-2

I am sure I will get no argument from anyone by saying that I am glad the political campaigning is over with. I am tired of the television ads, unsolicited text messages, and mail ads that have barraged me for the last couple of months. I still see some text messages come through, but they have waned somewhat since the closing of the polls. I am not sure how many people change their voting opinion based on an ad, but I am sure some do or else millions would not be spent on such things. It is easy to get caught up with a favorite candidate or favorite political party, and hinge our hopes and dreams on the outcome of a given election. I used to put a lot of stock in the election, but my interest wanes the older I get.

I understand elections are important, and we should prepare and vote as God leads us, but I put no trust in an elected official. It is hard to decipher if things have gotten worse or if things have always been this bad, and I just have not noticed. In our Grand Canyon State, we still await election results, and I know some are in angst of how the outcome will fare. I am vested in the outcome, but I am not consumed with the end results. I know God’s sovereign will will be done, and I have done my part by casting my ballot. Our country that was founded on Christian values has been derailed off of that track. We have taken steps to remove ourselves from God and Him from us, and we seek to go our own way. Some despise our Christian values and want nothing to do with God, even going so far as to lobby to remove His name from our currency.

I know my hope is not in this world or its government. I know elections are important, but my hope and trust is not in them. I know I have a civic duty to do, and I know I have a duty to pray for my leaders and for those whom God has allowed to lead in local, state, and federal government. My hope is not in government, my hope is not in man, my hope is not in the economy, but my hope is in God. God is where my help comes, and God is the only One who is ultimately in control of all things including government elections. Whether or not our money still states, “In God We Trust”, my trust is solely in God as He is our only hope. The elections may not turn out as you may wish, but it will not change that God is on the throne, and He is the One where out help comes from.

The great nation of Israel faced many battles against insurmountable odds, but they knew their hope was not from their powerful armies, but it rested in the mighty hand of God. God even trimmed their armies to show them their hope was not in manpower but in God’s power. We are foolish to think our help comes from elections, man, or the government. Our hopes comes from the Lord who made Heaven and earth.

Will you hang your hat on what man can do or what God can do? Are you tossed to and fro with the results of the election and current events, or are you looking to God for help? “In God we trust” should not just be a slogan we have on our money, but a belief we hide in our heart. May God help us to keep our faith in Him even though times seem uncertain. He is our rock and our fortress, and He is worthy of our trust. May we put our trust firmly in Him, and may we never forget that our unchangeable God is the source of our help.

Stay in the Fight!

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