No Fly Zone

“The horse is prepared against (for) the day of battle: but safety (deliverance) is of the LORD.”

Proverbs 21:31

I would rather fly than travel by car any day of the week, even if the destination is only a hundred miles away. I have always loved to fly ever since I was a little boy. I typically fly two or three times a year, but as much as I love to fly, the lift off still makes me a little nervous. I am not much of a thrill enthusiast, so I tend to shy away from rides that hurl me at breath-taking speeds. My nerves tend to be a bit calmer when the plane finally reaches cruising altitude and we are no longer at a sharp angle heading up to the sky.

I used to always pat the side of the plane prior to boarding because I thought it was my good luck charm to keep me safe, and it helped to ease my nerves. I was listening to a podcast several months ago on which they were discussing superstitions and good luck charms. They brought out that when we put our trust in possessions or rituals, we treat these items as idols and it shows a lack of trust in almighty God. Those words cut right to my heart.

I began to examine my heart and noticed many of the things I was doing because of my superstitions. Thinking back, did I really think me patting the side of the plane was the reason we were arriving safely at our destination? Was I foolish enough to forget about my God and the safety He has given me throughout the years? Was I placing faith in my “lucky” socks and rituals? I repented of my superstitions and rituals and asked God to forgive me of my utter foolishness and sin. Safety is always of the Lord, and a rabbit’s foot is just that, a rabbit’s foot, and not a lucky charm. Our trust should be in our God and not in the things we do or the words we say. He is our protector, and He is the One who watches over us.

I have flown several times since I have repented, and I have yet to again pat the side of the plane. It’s amazing when you trust God how calm and smooth things go. I now enjoy flying in its entirety and remain calm even when we are climbing or experiencing some turbulence. I no longer trust my ritual, and I strive to instead trust solely in my God. We often take for granted our day to day activities, and we forget to be thankful to God for the safety He gives us.

How about you today friend? Are you holding to your “lucky” socks? Do you hang something over your rear view mirror to protect you? Do you have a ritual that you believe helps you in any way? Are you thankful to God for the safety He gives you? Do you realize He is the best security system you could ever have? May we not be foolish to trust in our rituals and superstitions, but may we instead look to the Lord who is our safety. Psalm 121:5 states, “The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.” What a God we serve, and praise be to God who watches over us day and night.

Stay in the Fight!

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