Me, Myself and I

“Look not every man on his own things (interests), but every man also on the things (interests) of others.”

Philippians 2:4

It is needless to say that we are all selfish to the core, and we need no formal training to be that way. From the moment we exited the womb, we cried when we wanted to be fed, held, or even paid attention to. We grew older and sought out our favorite toy in the nursery or daycare and would not dare yield that toy up to anyone else. We did not want to share, and it sometimes took the rod of correction to teach us that we could not live our lives solely for ourselves. We had to be taught to consider others because it meant giving up something we wanted for ourselves. I definitely did not appreciate this training, and while I may have been forced to share, on the inside I was still holding on to the thing I held dear.

My sister and I are six years apart, so we did not have to share a whole lot as she had her own things and I had mine. The only thing I can remembering sharing with her is a 15-piece shrimp from Pete’s Fish and Chips. Because I was not always big on sharing, this was to my disadvantage when I got married as it seems you have to learn to share everything. Rebekah did not want to have her own french fries, but only have a few of mine. I offered to buy her a small fry but she insisted that she would only take a few of mine. I did not understand this concept because I was more than willing to purchase fries for her, but she still just wanted to have some of mine. I struggled with this concept and this would often lead to arguing in the McDonald’s drive thru.

I did not realize it at the time, but I was quite selfish in a lot of ways. I sought my own way and I only considered others when it benefited me. When we became new parents, I decided to go back to school and get my degree, and this meant I could now buy student-priced season football tickets. Because I was a married student, my seats were located on the 50 yard line in the first row. We were seated right behind the players, and I could think of no better way to spend a Saturday night.

I bought two tickets for the season for my bride and I, and I felt like I was on top of the world. The games were at 7:30pm in August and the heat was sweltering. The seats were packed and there were students much younger than us that seemed to swallow us in our seats. Nate was only a few months old, so he came along with us, which I thought was no big deal. I did not consider that he would have to eat during the game, and Rebekah was the sole carrier of his source of food. She would breastfeed him under a blanket and they were both sweating profusely. The restrooms were not diaper- changing friendly, and I was so caught up in the game that I did not consider these hardships. I enjoyed the games while Nate and Rebekah were miserable. I would not win any ‘husband of the year’ awards, and I was not aware of how selfish I truly was. I considered only my own needs and wants, and I did not look out for the needs of my own young family. I thought of ‘me, myself, and I’, and I wince when I think about those times.

Do you care only about ‘me, myself and I’ or do you look out for the needs and interests of others? Is your time filled with doing things only for yourself or do you look for opportunities to be a blessing to someone else? Are you willing to be inconvenienced for the needs of another or do you grow angry at the slightest inconvenience or change in plans? We were not put on this earth to consider our own needs, but we are to also consider the needs of others. Who can you consider today that needs your help, time or resources? May we diligently look for opportunities to meet the needs of others and less time pleasing ourselves.

Stay in the Fight!

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