Life Is Short

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto (gain a heart of) wisdom.”

Psalm 90:12

I remember when I was back in grade school, whenever I was introduced to someone who was the age I am now, I always thought they were old. The older I get, the age of what I consider “old” also increases. I look back at various stages of my life, and it seems that at every stage the time flew by and I am not sure where it flew to. Time cannot be bought, sold, or retrieved once it has been spent. In our society, we have an app for everything to help us save time. It seems we are in a hurry to save time that we might waste it on other things that really hold no value or importance.

One Sunday at our church, a young couple walked in the door for the first time. The wife was a cashier at Walmart and one of our members had given her a gospel tract and invited her to church. She and her husband were struggling in life, so they decided to give church a try. She came to know Christ that Sunday and the husband later came to accept Christ in the months following. The young couple soon started to have kids and their oldest was one week younger than our son, Nate. They became church members and wanted to do all they could to serve God. The husband felt God was calling him into the ministry, so they decided to move to another state to attend Bible college.

When they moved away, our church was sad to see them go. They had become regulars in our small church and served in various ministries. The young family was gone for a few years when they decided to come back to Arizona. They rejoined our church and the wife was seven months pregnant with their fourth child. Everyone was excited for them and happy to have them back in the church. One Saturday evening at a church banquet, she seemed to be really struggling as she neared her delivery date. The following day, she went to the hospital.

She lost her life in childbirth 48 hours after that banquet. She was only 29 years old. The previous Sunday in church, she had sung a solo entitled, “Nothing Between My Soul and the Savior.” The church recorded her singing and replayed that song during her funeral. The sound of weeping could be heard as her beautiful voice came over the speaker. Hearing her sing that song gave me pause, and I started to evaluate the things I was doing with my life. If I died that night, would the things I deemed “important” really be important? Was my life making a difference for eternity? I was not much older than her at the time, and her untimely death caused me to consider my own life.

Death should give us pause as we consider our own mortality, and that one day it will be us that will be faced with eternity. Where are you today friend? Is Jesus your Savior? If so, is there anything between you and your Savior? What do you need to make right before your time is up? What did you need to get rid of? What do you need to do for God that you have put off? Death comes at all ages, and we must number our days and use the days God has given us for His honor and glory. Are you numbering your days? Are you applying your heart to gain wisdom? May we live our life in the light of eternity, and may we not have anything between us and our Savior.

Stay in the Fight!

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