Let This Cup Pass

“And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

Matthew 26:39

I have met many people who have endured difficult things that I would not wish on anybody. One trouble came and another soon followed. The saying was true for them, “If it weren’t for bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all.” God allows trials to come into our life to test us and conform us to the image of His Son. There are also times in life when we suffer the consequences of our unwise and sinful choices. I am sure there are many who have had moments of suffering which seemed unbearable, and others who seemingly lived a life of constant struggle and turmoil. You get an appreciation for life when you are part of the nursing home ministry and see people of all ages and different ailments struggling to just make it another day. I tried to remember to thank God every time I left that place, and I tried to remember those who struggled just to get wheeled into service. I know God has allowed this in their life for His honor and glory, even though I may not understand.

My grandma had a stroke in her 30s, and as a result, her hand was curled up and she had limited use of it. She experienced many health problems in her life due to complications of diabetes which eventually took her life. She spent much time in the hospital, and I remember many times we would go and see her in the hospital and catch part of a playoff basketball game on the little television in the hospital. We would often take her to our house so she could get better as my mom cared for her until she was ready to go home. She took occupancy of my room, and I was relegated to the living room couch. I had access to my room to get my stuff, and I had many conversations with her as I sat on her bed. She eventually came to live with us full time until God called her home.

I remember that when she was in pain, she would rub her forehead, and I could see the pain in her face. I know she suffered through many ailments and dealt with pain as she lost her toes and had to go through dialysis. When I saw her rub her forehead, I would ask God to help her and take the pain away. I would see her struggle and this would bother me. Even though I was quite selfish, it still penetrated me to the core. I did not have a Charles Spurgeon prayer life, but I was not shy to ask God for things I needed or wanted. I never asked my grandma if the pain went away, but I do know that she is now no longer in pain. She is doing better than she ever has been, and I do know in the midst of our trials and hardships, we can ask God for relief and even deliverance.

Jesus was facing the biggest trial of His life as He faced the cross. He knew He was sent to die, but in the moments before His crucification, He asked the Father for the cup of death to pass from Him. Although He sought relief from this great trial, He sought always to do the will of the Father. He did not complain or ask “why me?”. He simply asked for another way, but only if that was the will of the One who had sent Him. We can ask for relief, but we must ultimately submit our will to the will of the Father. We must trust in our Father and know the truth that He is sovereign and He is good no matter the trials we may have to bear.

Will you trust the will of the Father? Have you asked for relief in the midst of your trial or have you complained and lost your trust in God? Are you still able to say that God is good even though it seems like everything is against you? May we submit to the will of the Father when asking for relief, and may our desire be aligned with His.

Stay in the Fight!

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