Learn From Your Mistakes

“Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought (worked) for them that trust in thee before (in the sight of) the sons of men!”

Psalm 31:19

I never did really well when it came to testing day in school. The achievement tests were not good days for me, and I am not sure there was much to test for. I never saw my results for which I am grateful. Maybe they were withheld from me or perhaps God had mercy on my psyche and did not want me to be discouraged. As I got older, I did better on tests primarily because I actually studied for them. I realized that it is not how smart you are, but how prepared you are for the test. In college, I actually looked forward to getting my test results even though I still waited for the results with angst and apprehension. Although I am not currently in school, I still get those “pop quizzes” in life that God allows.

God gave me a quiz two days after an extremely frustrating Monday at work, and I tried to remember my missteps from the previous test so that I would not fail this test as well. I showed up to work and my desk still would not move up and down as designed and my monitor would not even turn on. My immediate thought was “here we go again” and I started to get angry inside just like I did two days earlier. I then remembered how I failed the test God had given me. I changed my angry spirit, and I knelt down right in front of my desk and I asked God to help me. I asked Him to help me respond as I should even though my circumstances did not seem to change. I got up from my knees and He brought to mind to make sure my monitor was still on. I pushed the button on the back and my computer came alive and my eyes lit up with glee. A fellow co-worker came by my desk and told me they were having breakfast for us downstairs, and I thought “wow, my day is just getting better and better!”

I caught up with him and came into the path of a facilities guy who I knew from before we went to work at home. I greeted him and asked him how I could schedule an appointment for my desk to be looked at. He nodded at me and asked me which desk was mine, and he said he would get on it right then. I continued on to breakfast and forgot about my desk until I came back from my meeting. I got back to my desk and I saw that he had raised it and there was power to it. I was able to move it up and down, and I was elated as Dr. Frankenstein when his monster came to life. My day only got better from there, and I was thanking God for the change of day He gave me. I feel as though I did fairly well on this pop quiz, but it was only because I relied on God instead of allowing my flesh to get the best of me. It is amazing how things can change when you give things over to God instead of trying to handle things in your own strength.

We often think we control things when God teaches us that we really do not control anything. He is in control and He is in charge. I was not prayed up as I should have been the previous workday, and I struggled and came home discontent and discouraged. At the end of this day, I learned I needed to trust in Him, and I needed to take all things to Him, even a non-working computer and a faulty desk. God is interested in the details of our life, and He wants us to trust and rely on Him. It is impossible to deny the goodness of God even when things go wrong on those challenging days.

How do you react to adversity? Do you get angry and complain to anyone and everyone who will listen? Do people know how big your God is or do they know how big your mouth is? May we not fail the tests God gives us, but may we learn to depend and trust in Him. He allows things in our lives that we may grow, even the little things which seem to be inconsequential. May we start our day with a word of prayer, and may we continue in prayer as we go about our day. God is trustworthy, and He is good all the time.

Stay in the Fight!

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