It’s Not My Fault!

“Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:”

James 1:13

Since the beginning of time, mankind has always sought out someone to blame for their problems and failures in life. No one likes to be responsible for their own actions, particularly when they bring negative consequences. Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent. In Genesis 3:12, Adam stated, ”The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.” The finger-pointing never ceases to end.

I was in the seventh grade when my friend dared me to do something that I knew I was going to get me into trouble. I knew not to do it, but how could I refuse a dare? He told me to ask the teacher where the tissue box was, but he wanted me to spice it up a bit. He told me to raise my voice a bit and insert the word “damn.” He convinced me the word was in the Bible and all would be well. His planned seem to be foolproof, and I knew the class would laugh at this dare.

I raised my hand and blurted out what my friend dared me to say. My teacher was not amused and my classmates’ jaws hit the floor. I saw no one laughing except my friend who dared me. My teacher asked me what I had said, and I raised my voice and said the phrase again. My friend laughed even louder and my teacher became quite angry with me. She grabbed my arm and escorted me to the principal’s office. I had my familiar seat there in the school office, and I knew my goose was cooked. I waited for over an hour, and I grew tired of waiting. I decided to leave the office and returned to my next class. I thought I was home free until I saw my teacher talking to the principal, and then my dad.

My dad was not happy with me and told me to get into the truck. He was astonished that I would say such a thing, and he asked what I was thinking. I told him I had been reading my Bible and discovered this word. I also told him that I heard our pastor preaching a message and he used the word several times. I told him God did not see this as a bad word as He used it in the Bible. I thought I had a strong case but my dad was not buying it. I tried to blame God for my misdeed, but I knew inside I was dead wrong. I did not evade trouble, and I took on no more dares from my so-called friend.

Although this is a foolish story of a mischievous adolescent, but we often do the same thing. We blame God for our actions and even allude that He placed us into a situation that led to our sin. We make accusations against Him and even say, ”If God would only do this or that or if my situation were different, I wouldn’t do that.” We make excuses for our actions and even go as far to say that He tempted us due to the circumstances we find ourselves in. We fail to realize that God tempts no one, and that He cannot be associated with evil. He is holy and evil and holiness cannot mix.

Are you blaming God for your decisions and wrong doing? Do you accuse Him of tempting you? Do you make excuses for your sin, or do you take full responsibility for your actions? Do you blame your past or circumstances of your life as an excuse to sin? God always has a plan and purpose for our lives but He is not One that tempts us. God promises to give us a way out of sin, and He is not One who leads us or tempts us to sin. May we not blame Him for the temptation we face, but may we take the way of escape He has provided. May we point the finger of blame at ourselves where it belongs, and may we find true victory through Him.

Stay in the Fight!

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