In God We Trust

“Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;”

I Timothy 6:17

On my 8th birthday my mom and dad asked me what I wanted for a present. My mom and dad played softball every Saturday, and I wanted to have a uniform like them. They took me to the sporting goods store and purchased for me a custom t-shirt with my name on the back. It was white in the front and had green sleeves. I choose the number eight because I lacked creativity in my early years. They printed my name on the back and they handed it to me hot off the iron. I looked at it and smiled ear from ear.

I could not wait to wear the shirt at the softball game, and I put it on early Saturday in anticipation of the games that night. We got to the park and I strutted my stuff like a peacock. I felt like I was six foot tall although I was around four foot tall. I walked in the middle of the rival team’s kids, and I lifted my chin in the air. They mocked me and said, “Look at Saso he thinks he all bad and too good for us.” I didn’t correct them because I was in full agreement. I felt I was too good for them, and I loved that shirt. I am not sure what became of the shirt, but I soon stained it with snow cone juice and outgrew it.

I think of the times I thought I had a lot of money.  I walked around like I was big stuff and felt confident of the money that was in my back account. I am not sure what happened with the money but it soon faded like my shirt I so enjoyed. Money can often become an idol and it tends to give us false security. We become arrogant by the car we drive or the money in our bank account. We forget that all perfect gifts come from above and that all on this earth belongs to God anyhow. Our money is inscribed with the words, “In God we trust.” Money was never meant to be our source of trust and this was a point made by our founding fathers. God is the source of our trust and He is the one who is our source of everything. Money has caused me more worry than it is owed and has also shifted my focus from what is most important.

Have you come to realize that God is the source of your joy? Do you realize that He is the one who richly gives you all things to enjoy? The breeze of the cool air on a warm day, and a beautiful sunset that paints the sky all come from God. You cannot buy a sunset nor can you pay any price for the sun to rise. It is our Creator who enriches us, and our Creator who owns everything. It is in Him that we need to trust, and it is in Him alone that our fulfillment comes. Are you search of that almighty dollar? Are you putting your trust in riches? May we never forget that God is our provider, and He is the One who provides. Money is simply an object, but God is ever alive and in Him should we trust. “In God we trust”, should not be just printed on our money, but it should be imprinted on our hearts.

Stay in the Fight!

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