I Need More Time

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2

Time is an important commodity in my household as it seems there is always something to do. We have a family calendar on which we write down the things we have planned, so we do not double book ourselves. I do not always reference the family calendar, so I sometimes double book myself for lunches. We find time for the things we want to do, and I still find time to get in my massage chair and watch a little television before bed. Time is a precious thing as it cannot be bought, nor can it be gained back once lost. God has given each one of us a portion of time that we call a life, and it is as short as the dash between our birth and our death. I have found that even if I may not be able to give others more tangible things, I can always give them my time. Time does not require any special skill, but it requires that one make themselves available for the needs of another.

I recently carved out some time on a Thursday night to do some homework, and I was eager to get ahead in my studies to chip away the time I would have to spend on it on the weekend. I had two discussion questions that were due on Thursday night, and the questions required some thought and moderate research. I was working on my homework and had gotten into a good rhythm when I received a text that I briefly looked at and ignored. Another text came in, and I tried to ignore that as well, but it was followed by a call. I tried to red button the call, but I thought I should pick it up and see what this person wanted, thinking it would be a quick call.

The person on the other end of line was someone who attends the Friday night ministry, and he was needing some help with his driver’s license. My friend can sometimes misplace things, and in this instance, he had lost his license. On the phone, I tried to walk him through the process of ordering a new license, but he insisted on coming over. I was in the middle of my homework, and I really did not have the time to grant him for a matter I found trivial. My friend did not have the confidence to do it on his own, so he told me he would be right over. I took a deep breath and sighed and braced myself for his arrival. I tried to wrap up what I was working on when I saw his car pull up to the front of my house.

I thought I would simply go the DMV site and order a new license. I saved my homework with anticipation that I would get back to it shortly. I did not realize that he would forget his DMV password, and so the reordering of the license took more time than I thought. He also wanted me to look at his phone and clear out some things for him on there. After an hour or so we finally wrapped up, but my family came home and it was now time to do something else. My time was gone with no hope of recovery. I was disappointed that my plans were changed, but I realized it was due to a brother needing help. What friend would I be if I was not willing to meet the needs of another? I had to repent of my bad attitude, and realize the truth of this verse as we are to bear one another’s burdens. There have been countless people in my life who have taken the time for me, and helped me to bear my burden in my greatest time of need. I needed to be thankful for the opportunity to help another instead of complaining about the time that I thought I had lost.

How are you with your time? Are you selfish with it or are you willing to use it to help another? When asked for help, do you make an excuse or do you look for a way you can help? We all have 24 hours a day in which we can use selfishly or for the glory of God. Life is a balance, but we must take the time to bear one another’s burdens and to be there for someone when they need us to be. We often look at our own troubles, but we need to be mindful about the needs of others. We forget the sacrifices others have made for us in our time of need, while we sigh over those who ask for our time. Will you be willing to bear the burdens of another? Will you be willing to go to lunch or have coffee with a brother or sister who is struggling? Will you look for opportunities to bear another’s burden, or will you complain about your own burdens? May God help us to be mindful of others and not be selfish with the time He has given us on this earth.

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