Hey Brother

“Let brotherly love continue.”

Hebrews 13:1

I grew up with one sister, but I had no brothers. I have a couple of male cousins who lived with us from time to time, but they were much older than I. I was an annoyance to them, so I am pretty sure they would not consider me to be brother material.

One of my favorite songs is “The Family of God.” I love this song because there is just something about being around God’s people. I have come to call a lot more people “brother” and “sister” as my circle of Christian friends has grown throughout the years. I love Friday nights as I am often around some of my favorite people with whom I have become good friends and whom I feel comfortable calling brother and sister.

Friday nights is a time where we spend some quality time together in group and share a meal. We talk about the struggles of life and we enjoy a laugh or two. We encourage each other to keep fighting the good fight, and we comfort each other in times of sorrow.  We hold each other up in prayer, and we hold people accountable to stay on the path to which God has called them. We are not united by genetic blood, but united by the blood of Jesus Christ.

We have a familial bond that will last for all eternity. Granted, there are some people with whom I would not enjoy to spend eternity, but this verse tells me to continue in brotherly love. Love is not easily accomplished, and many times is easier said than done. Love is not simply a word, but is an action – sometimes carried out by helping someone move on a summer afternoon or by simply listening even when we have a headache. Love is to call someone brother or sister, and to continue in love, even when times and situations get hard.

Do you have the privilege to call someone brother or sister? Are you in the family of God? Are you continuing in brotherly love or do you hold a grudge against someone in the family? Are you a friend that sharpens like iron or you one who dulls the spiritual sharpness of another? May we continue in brotherly love, and may we sharpen one another even so as we see the day approaching.

Stay in the Fight!

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