Happy Anniversary

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:33

I started my job in the retail world with high hopes and ambitions. I thought I would take the industry by storm, and I was told of the great promotions and roles available to me. I thought I would breeze through the position I was currently in and have my own store in five years or less. I was sadly and sorely mistaken, and my pride dissipated every day that went by. I was overmatched dealing with 22 new people who expected me to have all of the answers, and I was challenged by a boss who was intimidating and expected things done “yesterday”. The shine of the job quickly rubbed off, and I struggled to stay afloat. I came to hate Tuesdays because the delivery trucks were loaded with products that sold from over the weekend. My day started at 3:45am and some days I would not leave the store until after 7pm. I never left without completing a truck, but I knew there had to be a better way.

I began to search for a job on my days off and when I got home from work as I desperately sought relief from my retail job. I thought solely of myself and the stress I was dealing with, and I just knew God would give me my dream job and whisk me out of there. Well, I ended up staying almost six years in that job, and now looking back, I could write a book of how God worked in my life through those long years. I read a book of how to get a better job in 30 days, but it took far longer than that to get out of the retail world. I began to pray earnestly for a new job, but more importantly, I began to pray for those whom God had placed under my leadership. I began to care for them as people, and I truly loved and cared for them. God started to change my heart, although my circumstances did not change much. I became content in the work He had given me, and I realized this job was an answer to prayer when I had lost my previous job. I began to seek God’s will in my life, and I quit being so desperate about finding a new job.

I began to search the internet for top ten companies to work for in the valley and there was a company I never heard of that appeared at the number two spot. I looked them up and began to apply for every position they had available. I got over 20 rejections over a year-and-a-half period, but I simply would not take no for an answer. I received an email one day asking me to come in for an interview. I did not get overly excited as I had been on previous interviews with no real bites or offers. Shortly after my interview email, I received a notice to go and complete a drug test prior to my interview, which seemed odd to me. Usually, you would go for an interview or two and then be asked for a drug test, but this was the other way around. I felt good about my prospects of obtaining the job, but I did not want to get too excited.

I had been praying for a year and a half to get a job at this company and God opened the door for me. I received an offer letter shortly after my interview. I thanked God for His answer to prayer, and my job is still not just a job to me but an answer to many prayers. I do not take it lightly that God has provided me with work, and He has blessed me beyond measure in my time there. I recently celebrated another anniversary at my company, and I thanked God for answering my prayer those many years ago. When work is hard and stressful, I try to remember how God answered my prayer and how He has blessed me and continues to do so.

My work anniversary is always a reminder to me of God’s faithfulness and how He answers prayers in His perfect timing, and not mine. I needed to seek Him first and not myself, although this took me many years to realize.

Will you seek Him first? Will you thank Him as much as you asked for something? May we never forget His blessings in our life, and may we not wait for an “anniversary” to thank Him for answered prayers.

Stay in the Fight!

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