Grand Worry

“For the which cause (this reason) I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against (until) that day.”

2 Timothy 1:12

We took a spring break trip out to Flagstaff, AZ in 2015. We had many grand plans of what we were going to do, particularly a visit to the Grand Canyon. I had been to the Canyon a couple of times prior, but it had been some time since I had last been there. Although I love the beautiful sights of this natural wonder, I do struggle with the fear of heights. I get about two feet from the railing and that is about how close I care to get. I get butterflies in my stomach the closer I get to the edge, and it is hard for me to take it all it in as sometimes fear gets the best of me. My wife and kids did not have the same fears as I do, but this did not make me feel better.

We saw people taking a trail down, so the kids and Rebekah followed suit, which was not cool with me. I saw the path with snow on the edges and all I could think about was slipping and sliding my way down to death. The path really was not treacherous, but I asked Rebekah not to pursue the trail, so she came back up with me and I felt a lot better about the situation. It is funny how you put your own fear on those around you, and it was almost worse than the fear I had for myself. The closer they got to the edge, the more worrisome I became and my mind thought of the absolute worst. I killed their good time with my own fears, and I knew I would need to conquer this hang up of mine.

I again visited the Canyon four years later. That time, I hiked all the way down to the bottom and back up the same day, which helped me quench my fear. The months leading up to this trip, I thought the worst and I even took my kids out to a nice dinner the day before I left, just in case I did not make it back. I tried to view the trail via satellite prior to our trip, and I asked a lot of questions. I was not overwhelmed with fear, but I did have thoughts from time to time which involved me going off of the edge. I survived that trip and it was actually an amazing experience, and it was not as bad as my fears made it out to be.

My kids recently took a trip themselves to the Grand Canyon, and I really thought nothing about it. I knew they would have a good time, and I was free from the fears I had for them when they were little. However, when they sent us pictures of their trip, I was shocked to see how close they got to the edge. The kids had no fear, and I am glad I was not aware of all this prior to them going. I would have been worried sick about it, but the truth is, I should not be.

Paul talks of the God who saved us and is able to keep us for all eternity, but yet we struggle with trusting Him in the everyday moments of life. We worry about how our kids will turn out, we worry if we will lose our jobs, or if our 401k will be there when we are ready to retire. We forget who our God is, and we forget that the Keeper of our salvation is the same One who gives us safety. We act as if the more we worry, the safer we will be. We forget about the God we read about, and we focus on our fears when He has not given us the spirit of fear.

Are you one who has no nails because you have chewed them off with worry? Do you spend your free time worrying about all the things you need to cast upon God instead? Has anything changed because of your worry? Have you forgotten who your God is? May we remember the Keeper of our salvation is the same One who will not allow our foot to be taken. May we seek Him when we are tempted to worry, and may we find rest and comfort in the only One who is able to give it to us.

Stay in the Fight!

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