God’s Callings

“And Moses said unto the LORD, O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither heretofore, nor since thou hast spoken unto thy servant: but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue. And the LORD said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth? or who maketh the dumb (mute), or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the LORD? Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.”

Exodus 4:10-12

I had just turned 18 when my parents’ good friend passed away. She was a tremendous lady who was admired and respected by many in the church. She had battled cancer for several years and had fought valiantly, but it eventually took her life. Although you prepare for death, it is impossible to fully prepare for the aftershocks of sorrow that come with losing a loved one. This couple had been married for many years and the husband, who was a man’s man, was burdened down with sorrow and grief at the passing of his wife. The funeral was to be held at our church, but my dad was going to be out of town and not able to be there.

My dad called me prior to the service and asked me to do something I felt ill prepared for. My dad asked me to go the service and offer the husband my condolences on behalf of him and the entire family. I was an immature 18 year old and did not know how to speak properly, and definitely did not know how to pay my respects to a grieving man. I questioned my dad, but he told me it was time I grow up and start doing things men have to do. I would like to say I happily agreed to do it, but I was not given an option to agree or disagree. The day of the funeral came and I was a nervous wreck as I thought more about what I would say instead of being concerned with praying for comfort for the family.

We got to the service and it was packed with people I knew and others whom I didn’t. There was a long line of people waiting to pay their respects, but the service started and everyone took their seats. I did not hear much that service as I knew I had business to take care of at the end of it. The service ended and I got in line to pay to my respects. I began to pray fervently, and I asked God to give me the words to say and to calm my nerves. My turn came and the casket was in full view which did not help me one bit. I took a moment to pray again and was able to compose myself while I paid my respects and condolences. The man looked at me with blood shot eyes filled with tears, embraced me, and told me, “thank you.” My heart sank as I could feel his sorrow and grief in that embrace, and I was relieved to be done with the task I had dreaded. I was ill prepared to deliver this message, but I knew I needed to grow up and I did not want to disappoint my dad.

Moses was given the great responsibility to lead God’s chosen people, and he felt inadequate and ill prepared. God gave him a task, and he provided excuses as to why he was not able to speak to Pharaoh or to the children of Israel. Moses was listing the reasons why he was not able to lead such a people and did not remember the One who was asking him to do these things. He forgot about the Creator and that God was able to provide Him with the words to say and the wisdom of when to say it. God had to remind Moses who had created man’s mouth and who was ultimately in charge. God was not intimated by Pharaoh, and He had a plan for Moses since the beginning of time. We, too, often doubt God when He calls us to do something, and we too are in need of a reminder that the One who created us can enable us to do the things He has called us to do.

Have you questioned God due to your fears and unbelief? Are you scared because He is calling you out of your comfort zone? What blessings await you if you will only trust and depend on Him? Do you realize He has created you for such a time as this? God is the creator and knows all and without Him we can do nothing, but with Him, all things are possible. May we go where He commands us, and may we allow Him to be our mouth when we don’t know what to say. Matthew 19:26 states, “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” We can do all things He has called us to do through His strength.

Stay in the Fight!

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