God Knows

“But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

Numbers 32:23

When I was growing up, my parents quoted this verse to me when they had a suspicion I was up to no good, which was more often than not. I am not sure why I always tried to test the boundaries of everything, and I am not sure why I chose not to fly straight. I know we are all born with a sin nature, but I seemed to have a particularly difficult time. While other kids took homework home and studied, I found countless other things to do which had no significance and did not help me on the test I would face the following day. I did not wholly believe this verse at the time, but I came to experience it first hand in my life and in the life of others.

I was a senior in high school and forgot we had a Bible verse quiz. When I remembered at the last minute, I had no time to study. My grade was a borderline C, and I needed a C to be eligible to play for the school basketball team. I was also borderline in the demerits department, so I was not sure what to do. Would I take the chance on getting caught cheating, or would I fail my verse quiz and be ineligible? I chose not to take an F on the quiz, so I laid Bible open on the chair next to me. I was as discreet as I could be, and I even missed a word or two, so it would be believable and not too obvious. I turned in my quiz to my teacher and began to walk out the door when he called me to come back to his desk and my heart sank.

He told me to go to the office where my interrogation was much shorter than the dean expected. He acted like a police officer and asked me if I knew why I was in his office. I responded with, “Of course, do you know why I am in your office?” He did not take kindly to this response, and told me my cheating took my demerits to the suspension milestone. My sin quickly found me out, and I was not terribly surprised by this as it seemed my sin would always find me out. No matter how hard I tried to bury it, hide it, burn it, or run away from it, I was never able to put my sin away from me. Even when it was not immediately known, it hung like a dark cloud over my life. I did not sleep well and it made me moody and grouchy. My sin cloud even followed me into my adult life where it often found me out which caused me great embarrassment at times and it cost me more than I ever wanted to pay.

I have seen others’ sin found them out, and I have learned of the ugliness of sin and the destruction it brings. People whom I thought were living a godly life have been exposed with the sin they thought they had hidden. Family members who thought the sins of their younger years would go away, only to be called out by those whom they sinned against. Sin is devastating and it must be dealt with before God in His mercy reveals it so that you can repent and make things right. God sees all and there is no hiding sin from Him, even though you may fool others. We often try to cover our bases before we sin, but we fail to look up and acknowledge the ever-present Holy God and the Holy Spirit that indwells the believer.

Are you living a double life and playing with sin? Are you thinking no one will ever find out your sinful deeds? Sin is ugly and destructive and the Bible tells us that God is not mocked – we will reap what we sow. I beg you to repent of what you think you have hidden and turn to God before it is too late. 1 John 1:9 tells us, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I can tell you firsthand that your sins will always find you out, and I can also tell you that God is always faithful to forgive us and wash us clean. Will you turn from your secret sin and live for Him? There is nothing like a good night’s rests with a clean conscience. May your sleep be sweet and may your sin slate be clean.

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