God Does Not Withhold

“He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?”

Romans 8:32

I grew up in a home that was not very big – less than 1,000 square feet. We had one bathroom with one sink, one toilet and one shower. My parents had the kitchen remodeled and added a dining room from what was once our carport. The house did not seem small to me as we had a big backyard, and my dad installed a hoop out front at the end of our cul-de-sac. I was not privy to adult conversation, so I was caught off guard when my aunt, her husband, and her four kids moved in with us, and our home got a lot smaller. I am not sure how my parents endured such times, but I was just a kid and did not think much of it. I knew there were times the restroom was busy, but I did not really notice the smallness of the house except when it came to dinner and the amount of second helpings dwindled. My parents had rules that applied to the house and those rules extended to all those in the house, including my cousins. I remember one rule quite well, and I have not forgotten to this day.

My dad had a rule that you were not allowed to open his wallet or go into my mom’s purse. He always placed his wallet on his dresser, and I imagine he knew how much money he had at any given time. I never really knew how much money he had, even though I would try and peer in when he opened it to pay for our dinner. I never did open my dad’s wallet, and I still have not to this day. I remember one night at dinner, my dad spoke up and stated he was missing $20 from his wallet. The table got real quiet, and we all looked at each other trying to see who the Judas was among us. My cousins denied any involvement as did my sister and I. I felt safe during this interrogation as I knew better than to go into my dad’s wallet, let alone take my dad’s money. My dad looked each one of us up and down and his eyes stopped on my oldest cousin, and I cringed inside because I knew there were consequences coming.

My cousin finally confessed she took the money, and I could not believe in my 7-year-old brain how she could do such a thing. I threw rocks in a neighbor’s pool for months, but I would never take money from my mom’s purse or my dad’s wallet. My adolescent sinful ways had limitations, and this was a line I was not willing to cross. Shortly after this theft of money, my dad spoke to me about it and asked me if I knew why he did not allow me to look into his wallet. I really did not have a clue other than that it was none of my business. He agreed with me on this, but he said there was another reason why he did not allow this. He asked me if I ate everyday, if I had a roof over my head, and if I had a closet full of clothes. I said I had all those things and did not lack anything. He asked me if I had some extras as well as those basic things, and I agreed to this as well. He asked me if I thought he took care of the family, and I could not deny that he took care of us well. We even got to go to Jack In The Box on Sundays and sometimes even to the Garcia’s restaurant by our house. I did not realize all I had at the time, but I knew I lacked for nothing.

My dad was trying to teach me that there was no need to know how much money he had or (God forbid) ever steal from him. He made me realize that if I wanted or needed something, all I had to do was ask. He would not grant all that I asked, but he would surely not withhold anything that I needed. I did not come to fully realize how well I was taken care of until I got older, but even as a little boy, I knew my parents would take care of me and would not withhold any good thing from me.

If my parents acted in this manner, how much more so my God? God does not withhold anything from His children that they need, and He enables us to do the work He has called us to. Satan may whisper that God is keeping good things from us, but this verse in Romans 8 reminds us that there is no truth in his whispering. God spared not His own Son, so that we may have salvation through Him. If He was willing to give up His own Son, how much more will He freely give us all things? God is a debtor to no man, and He is good all the time even though we may not always feel like He is.

Have you heard the whispers from Satan? Have you doubted God’s goodness much like Eve did when Satan whispered in her ear? Have you felt God has kept something good from you? May we never forget the amazing love He has for us as He sent His Son to be the payment for our sins. May we remind ourselves of the truth that our God takes excellent care of His children. He is the source and owner of all things, and He is so good to us. May we be forever grateful for all the things He does for His children, and may we remember that He does all things well.

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