Foundation of Truth

“For the law was given by (through) Moses, but grace and truth came by (through) Jesus Christ.”

John 1:17

I recently received a call on the member escalation phone line for work. This line is usually reserved for those who have complaints and want to speak to a manager. I do not look forward to my turn on the line as I know I will have to talk with members who are angry or fed up. I sometimes have a good experience when I receive only a few calls from people who are not so upset. And there are other days when the line is hot and the people are quite angry for whatever reason. I do my best to help them and diffuse the situation, but there are just some who are beyond reasoning with. On this particular day, I got someone who was insatiable and gave me his best shot to get my goat.

This member was upset about two accidents that were on his record. He advised me that he was disputing both of these accidents, and one of them was almost two years ago. He started by saying he was not involved in the accident, which was true, but he was leaving out a big piece of the puzzle. I did some research and discovered his wife was the one driving the vehicle, and she was listed as an operator on the insurance policy. He tried to deny that she had anything to do with this accident, but I was able to pull the police report which clearly had her name and VIN number. He gave up arguing with me on that claim and shifted his focus to the other claim which occurred only 20 days after the first. I began to look into that claim as well, and I discovered some items that would help me prove that his vehicle was involved.

I realized he was not the driver on this claim either, but again his wife was. I imagine this was not a good month for the couple, but it seemed the member now had voluntary amnesia. He again tried to deny his wife’s involvement in the accident, but she had given us a statement, and the file contained photos of the damages and a copy of the member’s registration and insurance card. He told me we had it all wrong and argued that the pictures could have been fabricated, and that his wife was tricked into giving a statement. He denied that his car caused any damage, and he accused me of making things up, and he accused me of being dishonest.

I tried to present to him the facts of the claim, and he attempted to assault me with his opinion of the claim. He presented many lies while he denied the truth that his wife was at fault in both accidents, and I refused his demand to change the liability. The conversation went in circles for about 45 minutes until there was really nothing more to say. I knew I stood on the side of truth, and I knew he was going to deny the truth no matter how well I presented it. Our world often does the same as they deny the basis of Truth and choose to believe the father of lies.

Truth came by Jesus Christ and in Him are no lies. Do you believe the lies of the devil or are you rooted in the truth that comes from Jesus Christ? Do you search for the truth in secular resources or are you delving in the Word of God? The world is filled with many things that are not truth, but we have access to the Way, the Truth and the Life. May we not seek to arrive at our own “truth” but may we seek the One who is Truth.

Stay in the Fight!

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