Foul Mouth

“Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.”

Psalms 141:3

I remember taking a trip to California for spring break during my senior year of high school. I was going on the trip with my friend, Jaime, and his little brother. They wanted to see their older brother who lived in California, and we also planned to visit Universal Studios while we were there. As you may know, you spend a lot of time waiting to get onto rides at amusement parks and Universal Studios was no different. We passed the time by chatting away in line and my mouth spoke of things that were not very godly. I had the mouth of a sailor and was not in the least embarrassed by this fact. A lady that was in line with us heard me speaking and stated, “I hope your mother didn’t pay for that education.” I responded to her with quickness by saying, “No, your taxes did.” We laughed and thought it was funny, but I look back and see how foolish I must have looked.

I struggled with my mouth and bad words well into my 20s. My speech was unbecoming and I was a poor testimony to all those who heard me. I was convicted by my corrupt speech, and God worked on me in that particular area. I would ask for forgiveness continually throughout the day, and God gave me victory over my wicked speech. I got into an accident in 2017 and Nate was in the truck with me when the accident happened. I could see the accident about to take place as someone darted in front of me, and I said a word aloud in anticipation of the crash, and I slammed on the brakes. I could not avoid the accident and Nate and I spun around as we entered the intersection. I made sure he was okay and my next question to him was, “Did I say a bad word?”  He responded, “No, you didn’t say a bad word dad.” I was relieved to hear I did not swear as I was unsure of what came out of my mouth, and I was grateful to God for keeping us safe. 

Our speech comes from the heart and we often blame our situations for our speech. We blame others for making us mad, and we defend our speech as if it is okay to sin. We get into heavy traffic and the colorful words flow out of us like a dirty river. The bad situations don’t cause our mouth to let loose, but the words came from our wicked heart. There is never an excuse for ungodly speech, and we must be careful to guard our heart against allowing sin to enter in. In all things we must show good works and ask God to help set a watch over our mouths.

Where are you today friend? Do people apologize when they use foul language around you or is your speech embarrassing to those who must endure your corrupt speech? Are you known as one that has a foul mouth or does your clean speech put others to shame? Is your speech condemning to you or does it bring honor and glory to almighty God? Our speech says more about us than our suit and tie and big Bible. Will you ask God to help you with your mouth and with your speech? May our speech draw others to Him and may we not be condemned by the words we speak. May our prayer be, “keep the door of my lips.”

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