Empirical Proof

“Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God. But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”

Hebrews 3:12-13

Shortly after Nate was born, I sought to finish my undergraduate degree as I knew I needed to do more with my life. I was tired of stating, “some college” on any forms I had to fill out, and I felt compelled to create a better job situation due to my growing family. It is amazing the motivation a new baby will bring when trying to provide for the family and having to feed another mouth.

I enjoyed my classes, and I started to learn a lot. I remember doing reports for the various classes and being challenged in my spritual beliefs. All my research had to be compiled from empirical sources, and I started to love doing these papers which caused me to support my viewpoints and findings with academic evidence. I remember researching a paper and the Devil struck my mind with a thought of unbelief. I began to think of what empirical evidence I had of my Christian beliefs, and I questioned if what I believed could be proven. I was active member in my local church, and I was even reading my Bible, but I began to struggle with my belief in God. I wondered in my mind if I could I prove that He was real, and what case did I have for His existence?

I know this all may sound crazy as you read this, but I did struggle with what I believed. I failed to consider that the mind I was using to think with, and the free will given to those thoughts could only be attributed to one thing. I failed to realize who my Creator was, and I forgot all the things He had done for me and continued to do for me. I forgot about the day I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior and the baptism in which was to show everyone my belief and a symbol of my salvation. I failed to acknowledge the sun that shone on my face as I doubted was created by God, and I forgot about the uncomfortableness of Holy Spirit conviction.

You may have had these doubts yourself as the Devil is the father of all lies and will all He can do to deceive. I was ashamed and embarrassed with my disbelief, but I made it right with my God. We must ever be careful to guard against a heart that desires its own will and way – a heart that would disbelieve allowing it to believe in its own self. We must not let the thought of disbelief reign in our hearts, and we must repent of it immediately. The Devil desires nothing more than to allow disbelief and sin to fester and grow to a point where it becomes a lifestyle and an  addiction. It is funny that in higher learning that one can sometimes instead discover the wickedness of the heart and be prone to follow it. 

How about you friend? Are you prone to forget your God? Do you read about Him in the Word He has given you? Do you believe as you should or do you struggle with doubts and fears of unbelief? May we challenge each other to do right, and may we not let sin marinate in our hearts. Sin will take you down a path you never want to go, and you will pay a price you will never want to pay. May we draw close to Him and may we never trust in the wickedness of our heart and mind. If you need proof, look up and know those that seek Him will find Him – the God of all truth and the One who needs no empirical proof, but rather childlike faith. 

Stay in the Fight!

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