Don’t Be Slipping!

“Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.”

Hebrews 2:1

I can think back to many times in my life when I was given instructions, and I was caught not paying attention. I can think back to other times when I heard the instructions, but did not follow through on them or give them the attention needed. I remember my pastor always saying, ” A word to the wise is always sufficient.” I can attest I was not wise as the rod of correction followed the words that I did not adhere to.

 I reflect on all the preaching I have heard in my life and the Bible instruction I have been given. I can also reflect on being tempted and remembering a Bible verse I had learned. Sadly, I remember sometimes making the wrong choice even though I had the benefit of knowing better. 

I remember the end of my sixth-grade year and the final reports cards were distributed. My report card was not stellar, and I knew I was in trouble. I was not much of a scholar, and I did very little to improve my grades. My teacher told me how to improve my grades, but I simply glanced out the window as she spoke. I was forewarned of quiz and test dates, but left caution to the wind. I was told of finals that were coming, but I simply had better things to do. I saw other kids meticulously writing instructions down, but I figured I would remember what I had to do. 

I let things slip and my grades soon followed. The report card was the testament to my lack of effort and study, and I was about to sleep in the bed I had made. My mom saw my grades and refused to cook me dinner. In my pride I said, “no problem, I know how to make spaghetti”. I had watched her cook noodles countless times, but I apparently didn’t heed to the finer points of cooking. My quest for perfectly-cooked noodles was not realized and my noodles were crunchy like potato chips.  I was so hungry, but could not stomach my culinary concoction. I went to bed hungry and I began to realize I was going to have to give full attention to the things that were important. I allowed things to slip to the point where my mom wouldn’t even cook my dinner. I allowed the unimportant things in my life to take priority, and I am not sure how I even made it to junior high. 

My Christian life has been the same way at times. I have not always given earnest heed to the things I have heard. I have brushed off biblical conviction and said “I will do that tomorrow”. I have heard convicting warnings of others in the Bible and figured it wouldn’t happen to me. I know that when I do not give full attention to God’s call that things in my life start to slip. I start to allow things I normally would not allow, and my priorities did not line up with God’s priorities for my life. I skip my Bible reading, and I placed the things of God into the “if I have time” pile. I never seemed to have the time and my sin pile soon overtook everything else in my life.

Where are you today friend? Have you started to slip? Have you allowed things in your life because you have not heeded to the call of God? Are you ignoring the still, small voice? Are you giving yourself time to read the Word and spend time in prayer or have you gotten too busy? Do you listen when God speaks and do you take it to heart when He does? Are you moved but not changed? May we apply and obey the fundamentals of Christianity to our heart and life, and may we not let the things of God slip. The Devil looks to catch us slipping, so we must ever be diligent to heed to the things of God. Listen to God’s Word and don’t be caught slipping! 

Stay in the Fight!

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